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Only a week late and if you have time – this BBC podcast explores back-yard idyllics to whole planet economics in its approach to climate issues. It also raises concerns about the language we use to describe our work – an issue that was discussed in our recent HGN meeting.

Andrew Marr with Wendell Berry, Paul Kingsnorth and Kate Raworth

If you have items that might be of interest to others about our shared work in Herefordshire – or about green issues more generally – these could be added to our news pages and e-mailings. Please just send along some words and an image to: contact@hgnetwork.org.uk

TEEconomy Report – Energy


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HGN 2017 6th April Minutes


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Minutes HGN meeting 6.04.17.pdf

Minutes of our meeting on the 6th April 2017

HGN Themes 2017

At our workshop with Looby Macnamarra back in the spring of 2016 it was agreed that we should adopt themes for the year to inform and guide our work. The HGN steering group have discussed a number of possible ideas, and based on current local group activity suggest that our themes for 2017 might be:

  1. Water
  2. Low Carbon

The Water theme has already been taken up in a funding bid to Patagonia (“Water Protectors”), and in a bid to Elmley to support activity at the River Carnival around the theme of “River Stories”. We have a water theme running through the h.Energy Village at the River Carnival this year, in song stories and art work, and also in the information & activities available from local organisations.

Idealistic Home is the theme of Spring Greens this year, which of course strongly represents our low carbon element, and might well spill over into h.Energy 2017…

If any organisations would be interested in working with us further on the water protectors or low carbon theme, either in collaboration with local communities or by hosting county events and actions, please get in touch.

We are now an independent organisation!

Herefordshire Green Network is now an entirely independent organisation, and the work of HGN, the steering group and the HGN coordinator is all completely voluntary.

To create a viable future for the network the new HGN steering group is exploring a number of possible funding ideas. Bids have already been submitted to a couple of funding bodies with more planned over the coming months.

We have also wondered about inviting membership donations from groups and individuals in the network in return for (e.g.) pages on the new HGN website, workshops, more specialised support for our countywide groups as needed. This is under discussion, and we would welcome your thoughts…

To find out more about HGN – what we have done in the past and what plans are emerging for the future – please download and peruse this PDF document.

Spring Greens on 29th and 30th April 2017

Spring Greens is North Herefordshire’s most beautiful Green Networking festival on 29th and 30th April 2017.

The theme of spring Greens 2017 is Idealistic Homes, with displays and discussion, family friendly activities, acoustic music, arts & crafts, a local produce market and delicious food & drink.

The Outdoor Kitchen will be at Spring Greens again this year on both Saturday and Sunday, soups all round from 12.00 -till they run out. Everything will be cooked over three open fires (in firepits)  in large hanging enamel cooking pots. All profits to Spring Greens. Come and balance on one of our benches, join the banter and enjoy the soups: www.outdoor-kitchen.biz


Spring Greens is open from 10am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Find out more here or email info@springgreens.org.uk if you would like to get involved. Richie would love you to be there.

The h.Energy Village @ Hereford River Carnival

28th – 29th April:

On 29th April 2017, in an all new central location on King George V Playing Fields just beyond the Victoria Foot Bridge you will find the h.Energy Village.

This small but exciting area of the 2017 River Carnival is being developed in collaboration between Herefordshire Green Network, Herefordshire New Leaf and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

There will be special interest stalls, electric vehicles, activities for all ages, and ethical local food & drink. There will be a lovely creative and informative watery theme running through the Village with input from Wye & Usk, Farm Herefordshire, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, Wildplay and Swan Brewery.

Thanks to Oakwrights there will also be an h.Energy Village Hall at the centre of our Village where we will host music, performers, speakers and storytellers. There will be film, and we hope to have some ‘River Stories’ themed film-making happening in our midst.

Another part of the h.Energy village at the River Carnival will be Hereford Chess Club, inviting all comers to a game on a giant chess set…. It’s all black and white!

And of course the Fabulous Cob Oven Company will be with us.

If you would like to be part of this special area of the Hereford River Carnival please get in touch with us as soon as is humanly possible!! We are open to ideas from speakers, performers and exhibitors – and we still have just a few ready erected market stalls available free of charge for local community groups and charities… and the crowds will love you!

We also need people who enjoy putting up yurts and gazebos, and who would like to help us on Friday afternoon and on Saturday afternoon. And people who like wearing high-viz jackets! You would be most welcome … just let us know who you are and we’ll invite you along.

Contact Kate: hgn@herefordshirenewleaf.org.uk as soon as you can…

Zero Carbon Updates

Our May Gathering will on Wednesday 17th May on the subject of ZERO CARBON UPDATES at 7.30 – 9.30pm, De Koffie Pot.

Gordon Coppock will  bring us an update and all new workshop from his friends at Zero Carbon Britain.

And immediately before the Gathering on the 15th May from around 6pm please join us for a rehearsal of the Turnastone Peace Choir.

Please keep an eye on the HGN Facebook page for updates about HGN events & Gatherings.

Calling all TREE Lovers!

HGN’s April Gathering is on Trees, with Nic Howes and Mo Burns on Wednesday 19th April from 7.30 – 9.30pm at De Koffie Pot.

Herefordshire has a thriving and rapidly extending network of local Tree Wardens. Come and hear what they get up to in Hereford city and around the county, and how you can get involved. This is also an opportunity to find out about the work of the Herefordshire Tree Forum, a group of local and national organisations & individuals who collaborate strategically on tree and green infrastructure projects & issues around the county.  HTF campaigns for better monitoring, maintenance and management of trees, plus the social, economic and environmental value of trees, especially within urban areas and for more planting wherever possible.

Prior to the April Gathering at 7pm in the Nell Gwynn Room at Left Bank (just across the Courtyard from De Koffie Pot) you are invited to join the 2017 AGM of Herefordshire Friends of the Earth.

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