Empowering Women with Permaculture

From the 17-20th August join Looby Macnamara and Maddy Harland (editor of the Permaculture Magazine) for an experiential journey for women who are seeking to find their voice, walk further on their journey and reach their potential.
For more details see www.designedvisions.co.uk or find Applewood on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ApplewoodPermacultureCentres/

Charging Electric Vehicles

Do you worry about where you are going to charge your electric vehicle? Are you put off buying an electric vehicle because of the lack of charging points? Do you have a charging point that you could let others use?

chargie.net is a new idea to allow peer to peer sharing of charging points. It’s like Airbnb for EVs!

It would be good to see some more charging points across the Marches showing on this map so please share this link widely!

Creating Decent Jobs in an Era of A.I.

How do we create good work in the era of globalisaiton, Uber and artificial intelligence? The Citizen’s Economic Council wants suggestions on how to create good work. We’ll be identifying ideas to put to the council.

Join Perry Walker, Talk Shop TONIGHT, 7.30 – 9.30 at De Koffie Pot, Left Bank Hereford for the next in the regular series of Politics, Ethics and Environment Discussion Nights. More information here.

Cultural Emergence Foundation Course

Come and enjoy some Solstice magic at Applewood Permaculture Centre, 23-25th June.
With Looby Macnamara co-founder of the Cultural Emergence project, which seeks to build skills and practices to emerge a culture of care and connection. She will be joined by Ben Salmon leader of the Turnastone Peace Choir, who regularly sing with the Herefordshire Green Network.
This weekend introduces the practices with both theory and experiential activities to build our understanding and invite deep nature connection, connection to our own gifts and talents and connection to each other.
Applewood Permaculture Centre is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApplewoodPermacultureCentres/

Thank you to Wye Design

Just to say a huge thank you to Rob Hattersley of Wye Design – who did the work on making our new website so lovely and accessible – and has also helped set up the fabulous communication between the website and our newsletter, Facebook & Twitter.

We are very happy indeed with the work – thanks so much Rob!

And thanks also to our wonderful local Friends of the Earth group for making this all financially possible 🙂

Affordable Homes!

As part of Spring Green’s recent School Days event at Court of Noke, many educational activities were made available to children of local schools.

Here’s the lovely outcome of a lesson in affordable homes – put up in 4 hours by the year 5 kids from primary schools around Kington (with a little help from Frank Hemming) as part of their Forest School experiences.

Scrap ply, with some ash and hazel.  Cost of materials zero.

Monsanto Tribunal

Herefordshire Friends of the Earth has been sending support to the Monsanto Tribunal, and coordinator Melodie Winch forwarded this update for anyone else around Herefordshire who might like to know more about this important opportunity to end corporate impunity:

On April 18th the Judges in the Tribunal delivered a very powerful message to the world. Monsanto is violating basic human rights to food, health and a healthy environment and this could be considered as ecocide if this crime would be recognized in international law. The legal opinion is a strong message to corporations, governments and United Nations, but also to the consumers and producers in the world.

Now this process lies in our and your hands. The wider we can spread the message, the stronger the effect. No longer should crimes against humanity and nature go unpunished, no longer should the cost of pollution and destruction be neglected. Help us to spread the opinion in as many networks as possible: consumers, lawyers, government circles, companies etc.

Please help us spread the legal opinion:

  • Write about it in your newsletter and publications, with a link to the legal opinion (also available in French, Spanish, Dutch and German on the other versions of the website)
  • Repeat the message several times
  • Organise a presentation or discussion about the legal opinion
  • Write letters to legal or government organisations about this legal opinion
  • Send us your ideas to create attention for this important opinion

In case you are not able to help us directly in dissemination the legal opinion, you might be able to give us some financial support. This will enable us to spread the opinion in as many networks as possible to maximize the effect. Most of the work in the Monsanto Tribunal was done by volunteers including the judges, but we need some staff to help us do the office work. If we can afford it we will also look to help Monsanto victims in their court cases and help to start new cases. Additionally, we have started a new plan to calculate the true cost of Monsanto (and Bayer if the merger goes ahead) activity. So please donate, small or large donations are very welcome on:

Stichting Monsanto Tribunal (Foundation)
Triodos Bank, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL48TRIO0390954667

Transition Networking

On Saturday June 17th there is a day’s workshop in Leicester for groups in the East & West Midlands to get together and investigate the idea of a regional hub/s in this area.

Is anyone from the Herefordshire Green Network able to attend – to represent our already active ‘hub’ and to link into opportunities to network across the region?

If so please contact Kate! contact@hgnetwork.org

More details here

1 46 47 48 49 50 52