HWT – Ross Branch AGM & Talk

On Thursday 2nd November join the Ross-on-Wye local branch of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust for their AGM – lasting approximately 30 minutes – followed by a talk from HWT Trustee Roger Beck on how four species of petrel adapt their breeding to feeding and weather conditions on an Antarctic island.

Christchurch Hall, Edde Cross Street, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7BZ

Herefordshire Meadows Talk

A New Way of Working on a Landscape Scale

Join this talk on Thursday 2nd November 7:30pm – 9:00pm at the Wembley & District Branch of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, with Caroline Hanks, of the Herefordshire Meadows Group and Tony Norman, Herefordshire Farmer

Donations at the door remain the same at £2.00 for Trust members and £3.00 for visitors, who will be encouraged to join HWT.

Hopelands, Weobley Village Hall, Weobley, Herefordshire, HR4 8SN

Sharenergy Update

community energy image

For all you lovers of community energy, here is an update from our friends at Sharenergy:


Dear Community Energy supporter

A quick update for October.

YnNi Teg share offer now open.

We are pleased to announce that a new community wind turbine share offer is now open. YnNi Teg (Fair Energy in Welsh) is a new Welsh society that has just commissioned a single 900 kW wind turbine in West Carmarthenshire within very tight FIT deadlines.

Because of the need for speed, construction was undertaken with loan finance. Now YnNi Teg needs to raise capital from shares so the loans can be repaid. Surplus will go to a local community fund and to support the future work of Community Energy Wales to help groups in Wales build more community energy projects, and shareholder members are projected a 5% average return.

This share offer features a new innovation for Sharenergy – you can apply for shares online and can pay by card online if you wish on our new secure website. Full details can be found on the project website www.ynniteg.cymru


Oldham Community Power

There is still a chance to join Oldham Community Power who have put up 6 solar installations on schools and public buildings in partnership with Oldham Council. The share return is projected at 4%  – see their story so far here.


New projects

As always we are working on new projects – we are actively involved in development of wind, hydro, solar PV and district heating projects across the UK despite the considerable difficulties created by a lack of joined-up energy policy in the UK. If you have new ideas then please do get in touch – we are always keen to discuss how to create new projects or rescue good projects which have stalled.


Undergraduate research

We liked the sound of this work on community energy from an undergraduate at University of Birmingham – you might like to participate in his questionnare here if you have the time.


All the best

The Sharenergy team


Sharenergy Co-operative, The Pump House, Shrewsbury SY1 2DP www.sharenergy.coop 01743 835242

Aymestrey film showing tonight!

Aymestrey Branch of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust will be showing the film Life in a Meadow on Thursday 26th October, 7.30 – 9.30pm

Microcosmos: a film by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou

A French meadow on a summer’s day is the setting for this incredible, highly acclaimed film, that takes its’ microscopic cameras into the heart of the insect world. In this miniature environment where a single raindrop can cause havoc, we are treated to an array of jaw dropping moments: an underwater spider makes a home out of an air bubble, a colony of ants face a massacre when a pheasant attacks and a determined beetle struggles to relocate his ball of dung. There’s drama, comedy, action and even a little love in this astonishing film that invites us to share the trials and tribulations of its wonderful cast.

Aymestrey Village Hall, A4110,

h.Energy – thank you!

A huge thank you to all of you who came along and contributed to the activities of h.Energy over last weekend. We were really pleased with the reaction of local people to the event, and delighted by the varied groups who came along and engaged with our various activities … A particular favourite moment of my own was the Hay-on-Wye cycle group arriving led by Anna Heywood – thank you Anna!

The programme of talks and discussions that Gordon Coppock and Jackie Jones put together at De Koffie Pot provided a strong energy-centred heart to the weekend, with the information and local produce available on our h.Energy Market stalls and inspiring art, music, craft and sporting activity across De Koffie Pot and Queenswood providing a strong supporting role – bringing in the crowds and helping to generate a holistic response to the challenges of considering our energy futures. All of which benefited enormously from the surprising sunshine of a summer’s day in mid October!

We will be considering our responses to the weekend over the coming few weeks – please do send along any of your own feedback to kate@hgnetwork.org.uk to inform this process.

Shared County Calendar

A number of the blogs this week are alerts to add some fantastic events to your diaries. A whole raft of inspiring events are being planned at Applewood Permaculture Centre, and here (below) we have early notification about Hereford’s fabulous Seed Swap.

As you will see if you glance at the HGN website home page all of these dates are also on our Calendar – meaning that anyone planning an event can easily see what else is happening around the county on the date they have chosen.

If you already use gmail or Google Calendar you can easily share your own dates with others around Herefordshire. Simply send kate@hgnetwork.org an invitation to your Calendar. I can then duplicate your events onto the HGN Calendar – and hey presto! there they are for everyone on the network to see.

If you’d like me to talk you through this please let me know. And huge thanks to Chris Evans at Applewood Permaculture Centre for helping me trial this – and demonstrating how easily it works!


so … back to that Seed Swap:

Saturday 3rd February 2018: Hereford Seed Swap

From beginners to seasoned gardeners please come along and swap seeds, plants and tips. Don’t worry if you have nothing to swap, you can still join in and take home some seeds or plants. Cash contributions gratefully received!

There is no entry charge and there will be stalls, a talk, tool sharpening and the regular Courtyard food and drink. With Tools for Self Reliance and a free talk at 11.30am from Chris Collins – Chris is Garden Organic’s Head of Organic Horticulture and is a former Blue Peter gardener, Chelsea medal winner and lifelong promoter of organic growing.

For more information about the seed swap day contact Suzanne Noble on 01531 671004 or visit www.swapseeds.org.uk

World Population – 7.5 billion & rising…

a photo of hiking boots


Join a presentation & discussion upstairs at De Koffie Pot next Wednesday evening.

World population is now 7.5 billion, and projected to rise to 8.6 billion by 2030, 9.8 billion by 2050 up to 11.2 billion in 2100!

What are the implications? What are your views? What can be done? Come and hear some details and statistics then listen to and/or join in the ensuing discussion


Wednesday 25th October, 7.30 – 9.30pm … and discussions may continue, DKP closes at 11pm!

Come early – drinks & food available at the bar downstairs.


This is a DKP hosted Discussion Evening, and one of the regular Politics, Ethics & Environment nights held on Wednesdays at DKP.


Build Your Own… Wind Turbine?

community energy image

Build a wind turbine in one day! Get hands-on with a unique wind turbine making experience ….

V3Power.co.uk are looking for people who would be interested to join them for a workshop one Saturday in November or early December. The workshop will take place in Worcestershire, and there are just 2 places still available.

V3Power will bring all the tools, materials and expertise. You will leave with practical skills, an understanding of how and why wind turbines work, and a huge sense of achievement. The practical tasks are achievable regardless of skill and experience. The number and range of tasks means everyone stays interested and engaged throughout the day.

V3Power.co.uk have spent a decade teaching people how to build their own wind turbine using the reliable Hugh Pigott design and common workshop tools. The Hugh Pigott turbine has been built to power homes worldwide including: India, South America and Scotland. V3Power have developed a new low cost wind turbine to teach the science and engineering behind wind turbines.

This turbine can be built in one day by just ten people for just £70 per person tuition.


What Happens?
Together, your group and the instructor will build a wind turbine to generate electricity using simple materials and a range of hand tools.

All participants carve a wooden turbine blade, wind a copper coil, and
manipulate powerful magnets:

  • Blades; each person hand carves a wooden wind turbine blade with an
    aerofoil shape based on an introduction to fluid dynamics and blade
  • Mounting; each person cuts, shapes & drills a piece of metal to
    assemble as a complete mounting, and the group assembles roller taper
  • Electrical generator; after an introduction to electromagnetism each
    person winds a copper coil, prepares its output wires with solder and
    the group works together to connect them all up into a three-phase
    stator. Each person secures powerful magnets into a rotor to make up
    the other part of the generator.
  • Electrical system; the group learns about the different components
    that make up a safe wind turbine electrical system while wiring them
    all together to make a battery charging circuit.
  • Assembly; the group bolt together all the component parts to complete
    the turbine and learns about the importance of mechanical overspeed
    protection, blade balancing & maintenance.
  • Testing; the group connects the turbine to their electrical system,
    watch it spin and charge some devices!

Please note: although you are welcome to keep and reuse the blades that you make on the day, due to the cost of the other provided components the instructor needs to reclaim the rest of the turbine at the end of the day.

However, during the day you will learn about building and erecting wind turbines, so you will be left with a set of working turbine blades, and all the theory to get you kick started on making your own wind turbine.

For more information or to book a place contact Duncan Bell with an expression of interest: duncanbell4000@gmail.com

Permaculture at Applewood

Applewood is a 20 acre smallholding in the beautiful hills of North Herefordshire. The owners, Designed Visions partners Chris Evans and Looby Macnamara, are developing a low-impact permaculture demonstration and training centre.

With permaculture, you need to see it to believe it, and then need to be able to learn it, and then acquire the resources (seeds, plants, books, friends and networks) to do it! The site at Applewood includes woods, pasture, a lake, kitchen garden and an orchard of heritage apples. These diverse habitats make for an incredible wildlife and people sanctuary…  a converted barn & outbuildings provide indoor accommodation for courses, and the grounds a peaceful campsite.

And for those who are especially interested, Applewood Permaculture Centre offers an extra emphasis on social permaculture.

Follow the links below for details of 2018 courses: 

Introduction to Permaculture course
Weekend Permaculture Design Course
Observation & Mapping course
Fruit Tree Grafting and Pruning Workshop
Residential Permaculture Design Course
Forest Gardening
Cultural Emergence Design Course

.. and keep an eye on the Designed Visions website & Applewood Facebook page for updates.
Any enquiries or questions to Chris & Looby 01584 831195 or this email cevans@gn.apc.org

£1000 TravelFund Grants

TravelFund grants are currently still available to Herefordshire businesses and organisations, offering up to £1000 for workplace facilities to support sustainable commuting and business travel.  This includes facilities such as pool bikes, changing facilities, video-conferencing, and home working IT equipment.

The closing date for this year’s funding  is 31 October 2017 – so act soon!

Funding can be offered for up to 100% of the cost of the facilities and installation.

Further details and the application form are available online at:www.herefordshire.gov.uk/travelfundgrant


If you have any queries, or would like any advice on what sort of facilities would be suitable, please do not hesitate to contact Tina Kilner from Herefordshire Council’s Choose how you move team atmove@herefordshire.gov.uk



Both this scheme and the Cycle Stand scheme are part of the Choose How You Move (Access Fund) project, funded by the Department for Transport, supporting access to work and education in Herefordshire.

1 46 47 48 49 50 62