Informal assembly at the Herefordshire XR Castle Green picnic, May 18th

A question was asked to those gathered at this event: “We have a new council after the May 2nd elections. How would you like your voice to be heard?”

Small groups discussed the issue and came up with their top two. We then voted on all the ideas. Here are the results – two came well ahead of the rest:

Suggestion Votes
Parish People’s Assemblies in all 53 ward areas 12
Website for residents to vote on key issues 11
Teach climate science in schools 4
Environmental/Co2 audit on all council activity 4
All infrastructure to be radically sustainable and regenerative 3
We feel disempowered. We want an easier platform for our voices to be heard. (Maybe an app?) We want to know that our voice is going to be heard by the right people. 2
Hopes and dreams, fears and concerns book 2
Citizens assembly (randomly chosen) like jury service. Replace the council – constant democracy 1  
Destroy the press – remove vested interests from guiding the debate 0
Open surgeries with councillors 0

What are your thoughts on these and do you have any other suggestions to add?

Fairbourne: The UK’s First Climate Refugees

Last week, The Guardian featured a story in their Weekend Magazine about Fairbourne, a small village on the foothills of Snowdonia living on borrowed time. The next twenty years will see the entire village evacuated, as the council can no longer guarantee its safety. It’s easy for people in this country to bat away talk of climate breakdown, thinking that it will only affect those far away. But here is a village on the brink of destruction, right on our shores. If you missed it, you can find a link here.

Applewood Permaculture Centre Hosts Free Practical Permaculture Work Week, Free Online Taster Course and International Guest Facilitators

Here’s what they are offering:

There’s been more and more talk about regenerative culture, although there is still a growing understanding of what that actually means and how we get there.  Here at Applewood  in North Herefordshire, permaculture teachers and pioneers Looby Macnamara and Chris Evans have been learning, developing and sharing tools for regeneration for a long time and are keen to share them locally as well as globally.
From 24-30th June we have a Practical Permaculture Work Week. It is free to join in, family friendly and you don’t need to come for all of it, and it will be lots of fun. Booking essential though to enable to plan and feed everyone.You can enrol online anytime for the free/pay as you wish Cultural Emergence taster course– to discover the Cultural Emergence toolkit for positive cultural evolution.
Also at Applewood this summer and autumnPermaculture Teacher Training course 11-20th June Forest Gardening 15-17th July (at Karuna)PEACE – Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence 22nd-28th July – this is a very special course where Looby is joined by visionary international facilitators Starhawk, Jon Young and Maddy Harland (a few places remaining)CEED – Cultural Emergence Effective Design – with Looby and Andy Goldring 10-15th September Permaculture for Development Workers 26-29th Sept with Chris Evans and Gisele HenriquesACE – Activating Cultural Emergence 4-6th Oct at Applewood. (We would love to encourage local people to discover the Cultural Emergence toolkit so there is a special price for local people). All course details can be found at https://www.applewoodcourses.comEmail

Hereford Peace Council present “Shifting the Focus: from Arms to Renewables”

This event will take place on Thursday 27th June, 7.00 for 7.30 pm, at St John’s Methodist Church Hall, St Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PR. Speakers are Councillor Diana Toynbee on climate change, Anne Feltham from Campaign Against the Arms Trade on the Lucas plan, and Rebecca Tully on the arms trade.

All welcome.

Protest Outside Council Meetings – A Call to Arms!

There was a Council meeting on today- unfortunately this Friday Blog has come too late but please gather for the 10th of June (a reminder will be sent out closer to the time) for the next meeting in Ross on Wye. Let’s bring our voices together and tell them what matters most!

Here are the details:

Ross Town Council Meeting, evening Monday 10 June – starting outside at 6:30pm. The Full Council meets at 7.00pm in the Council Chamber on the first floor of the Corn Exchange (a lift is available). During the meeting there will be a public session where residents of the town can put their concerns to councillors. There are plans for the Town Council to discuss declaring a climate emergency – so we need to give the Council some encouragement and our warm support if the motion goes through.)

Herefordshire Street Theatre Collective Climate Change – The Truth is Out (and about)

A group of Herefordshire writers, actors and directors are creating funny and challenging street theatre shows about Climate Change.   They will be premiered at Ludlow Fringe on Sunday 16th June and then toured around Herefordshire over the summer. 

The intention is to examine and poke fun at the various ways people are currently ‘being’ about this unprecedented existential crisis and to create a sense of ‘we’re all in this together’.  We have three short pieces so far and want to expand our portfolio. Each one is entertaining and challenging.

Sue and Malcolm

A domestic squabble erupts in the middle of the high street, as a middle class couple row over sacrificing their lawn for the sake of the planet.

Tipping Point

A climate activist disrupts a corporate PR stunt.  She explains her personal tipping point to the Company Rep as she superglues herself to his stall.

Eden Falls

In a stunning, visual piece of physical theatre, the warm and friendly ‘Earth’, is unexpectedly beaten to a pulp by apologetic passers by.

Other Herefordshire performance dates currently include Hereford High Town on 24th August and 21st September.

The scripts and videos will be shared on-line so they can be performed in other cities across the UK (or the world).  We urgently need a social media/website/blog volunteer, to help us with this.

Anyone able to help or any artists interested in getting involved in the Herefordshire Collective please get in touch with

School Strikes Happening Today!

Students have descended on Parliament Square today to demand action on climate change. As the grown ups wait for the results from yesterday’s election, the youngest in our society refuse to sit around wondering about what might happen and are once again leading the way in fighting climate breakdown. They hope this will be the biggest yet with many more to come! The Labour Party have put forward a proposal to put the climate emergency in the school curriculum. This is great but has highlighted the fact that it is not in there already! So glad that our young are taking a lead on this! Were it left to adults…where would we be?

Spring Greens Fair Needs You!

Spring Greens Fair has brought family-friendly events based around sustainability, the environment, conservation and the community to beautiful settings in Herefordshire since 2008, and it is truly inspiring and very enjoyable to be making things happen as part of our friendly team.

If you enjoy the event, we warmly invite you to join us for the following opportunities:

  • Officers and Directors – helping to organise our not-for-profit volunteer society
  • Coordinators – working together to plan forums, stalls, food, activities, entertainment…
  • Preparation – a few weekend days a year setting up the various spaces with the team
  • Crew – an undemanding rota at the event for Stewards, Car Park, First Aid etc.
  • but Chiefly – yourselves!

Do think about becoming part of our community, helping shape the future directions of this much loved annual event, which can only continue to flourish with additional assistance in the above areas.

If interested, please email by 31st May 2019, if you would like to discuss any of the above.

On Wednesday 22nd May there will be a showing of the Size of Herefordshire film ‘ Tarimatpujut’ Search of Harmony‘ at 7.30pm in the Garden Room at Left Bank, Hereford.

This film is about a project to protect an area of rain forest the size of Herefordshire and will be followed by discussion. Two indigenous peoples in the Peruvian part of the great Amazon rain forest, the Wampis and their neighbours, the Awajun, are robustly resisting the advances of loggers, palm-oil businessmen, oil and gas explorers, even gold miners. These two peoples have lived completely sustainably in the forest for many centuries and now need help in their battle. Come and find out more!

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