Longtown Group Parish Council Local Coronavirus Help Leaflet


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Parish Council Covid-19 local help leaflet.pdf

Longtown Group Parish Council have set up a Local Coronavirus Help Sheet that might be a good template for other local councils.

Online Community Offerings

We will be looking for interesting online events, training and information that we can share with you as a way of making the most of spending more time at home.

The current situation is captured well by Emergence Magazine: “With the coronavirus quickly spreading, more and more of us are starting to spend a great deal of time at home. Uncertainty in times of crisis breeds fear and anxiety, but it can also uncover opportunities for greater connection and attention to the threads of relationship that so deeply connect us. In asking how best to respond to the crisis at this time—and after hearing from you—we feel that it is important to find new ways to come together as a community and to create spaces for support, creativity, and inspiration.”

So, here are our first two suggestions of interesting online resources:

Emergence Magazine Online Programs

The Emergence Magazine website includes lots of interesting articles and, starting next week, they will begin hosting a variety of online programs with Emergence staff and contributors aimed at providing a space where we can connect through the power of story and reflect on the deeper themes emerging at this time. Free of charge, online sessions will include: a book club that will meet online once a week, virtual fireside chats with Emergence contributors, a nature journaling course, and facilitated workshops and discussions.

Keep an eye on their website https://emergencemagazine.org/ for details about this new offer.

Future Learn Courses

These come highly recommended by several HGN Steering Group members. Future Learn offer free online courses from leading universities and cultural institutions around the world on a diverse range of subjects.

Courses are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop. They vary in length: most are six to ten weeks long but they also have some shorter two and three week courses.

Courses can be taken with friends via email and social media when you join. The main Future Learn website https://www.futurelearn.com/using-futurelearn includes the full course list but we have picked out a few that might be of particular interest to you:

If you have interesting online resources to share with our Network, please send them to admin@hgnetwork.org

Postponed and cancelled events

We have received notification that the following events, previously included in the HGN newsletter, have been postponed or cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation. More information will be shared as we receive it.


The Introduction to Forest Gardening Workshop at Queenswood planned for 30th March has been POSTPONED until 22nd June – please see this link for details https://www.queenswoodandbodenhamlake.org/events/2020/02/18/introduction-forest-gardening?instance=0

We have received early notification that Hellens Garden Festival has been POSTPONED until 22nd-23rd August – please keep an eye on https://hellensgardenfestival.co.uk/ for when they have more details

Transition Leominster meeting to update on our Energy Descent Action Plan on Friday April 3rd has been POSTPONED to a later date. Due to the coronavirus outbreak many people in our community are self-isolating and most public events have been cancelled. We look forward to better times! Meanwhile preparation continues on a community car sharing scheme and  our other EDAP projects. We will shortly circulate an email bulletin to give an update of what you can do to help. Take care! Pete Blench, acting chair, peterblench47@gmail.com


The Queenswood Sustainable Future Centre will not be opening to the public on Saturdays as planned until further notice. For an update about other events at Queenswood please see this link www.queenswoodandbodenhamlake.org

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust’s Hereford City Branch talk on the City’s Nature Reserves planned for 24th March has been cancelled, as have all HWT branch events. Please see this link for latest updates: www.herefordshirewt.org 

De Koffee Pot Discussion Evenings have been suspended for the foreseeable  future – until this Coronavirus pandemic is over to the point where it is deemed safe for all to resume group association. They are looking to the possibility of starting up something in the way of an online discussion – more on that in a week or so.

Upcoming HGN Spring workshops are going online!

We are pleased to be able to hold the rest of our successful free Spring workshops online via the video conferencing app, Zoom (follow this link for details about how to download and use it: https://hgnetwork.org/hgn-announcement-re-coronavirus/).

The remaining workshops and Zoom invitations are below:

Wednesday 25th March 5pm to 7pm Social Media and Working Online https://zoom.us/j/410212400

Wednesday 8th April 5pm to 7pm Small Funds for Small Groups https://zoom.us/j/511397043

Wednesday 22nd April 5pm to 7pm Engaging the Public with Environmental Issues https://zoom.us/j/640921761

More details of the exciting programmes on offer can be seen here: https://hgnetwork.org/spruce-up-your-skills-at-hgns-spring-workshops/

Please click on the meeting invitation at the start of the workshop to join. It would be great to know who is joining us so, if possible, please let us know that you will be there by emailing admin@hgnetwork.org.uk

Good Neighbour Scheme

The Good Neighbour scheme is a great way to use the strength and resources of our Herefordshire communities to connect during the Coronavirus situation, combat the huge issue of loneliness and also an opportunity to share messages and actions about climate issues.

It is a framework that can be used to set up vital community links which are especially needed at the moment. Guidance about neighbour volunteer training can be found here: https://cofehereford.contentfiles.net/media/assets/file/Good_Neighbours_Scheme_Guide.pdf

Members meetings – Jan minutes and next (online) meeting: Wed 1st April

The minutes of the January meeting are now online here: https://hgnetwork.org/mdocuments-library/ see Documents/Meetings/HGN Members Meeting Minutes January 2020)

The next HGN Members Meeting is on Wed 1st April at 5:30pm. We have decided to hold this meeting via the online video conferencing app, Zoom. See this link: https://hgnetwork.org/hgn-announcement-re-coronavirus/  for how to download and use the app. The meeting invitation code is https://zoom.us/j/158210945 so click on the link at the start of the meeting and you will be connected.

The meeting is open to all HGN members, supporters, associates, and other interested parties…. Join us and hear about projects that HGN are currently engaged in/planning and news about what other community groups and individuals are getting up to around the county.

If you would like to try out Zoom away from the pressure of a formal meeting please see details of an informal introductory session and chat on Wednesday 25th March between 4 – 4.30pm here: https://hgnetwork.org/hgn-announcement-re-coronavirus/

Looking forward to seeing you – and keeping in touch as a community through these challenging times.

HGN announcement re Coronavirus

As everything goes into stasis around Coronavirus, we need more than ever to be moving forwards with our work as a community around the climate crisis.

So, we will hold members meetings and workshops via the online video platform, Zoom – which can handle meetings of us to 500 if necessary! We already use this for some HGN meetings and it has proved a very effective way to reduce the carbon impact of getting together. It is great that we are all set up to use it in these unprecedented circumstances.

The instructions about how to set up Zoom on your computer are shown in a document on the HGN website (Resources/HGN Documents/General) https://hgnetwork.org/mdocuments-library/.

If you would like to try out Zoom away from the pressure of a formal meeting some members of HGN will be online to support an informal introductory session and chat on Wednesday 25th March between 4 – 4.30pm. If you would like to join this chat please follow the Zoom download instructions and sign in for this meeting just before it starts by clicking this link: https://zoom.us/j/612814422

In line with many of you, we will be exploring new ways of working with our own communities over the coming weeks. We are looking at how we can support those who are setting up good neighbour schemes in local areas and sharing learning about how we increase our resilience and local links.

Details of our upcoming Zoom meetings and workshops, along with information about community initiatives will be coming out regularly. If you would like to share details of what you or your group are doing, please send details to admin@hgnetwork.org in the usual way:

  • an easily transferable and readable style
  • formatted in Word / or in the body of an email – not a pdf or jpg please
  • no more than 100-300 words
  • accompanied by a photo or logo for uploading

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing lots of you online soon.

HGN Zoom instructions


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Instructions about how to use the Zoom online video meeting app

HGN Members Meeting, Minutes, January 2020


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Hereford Transport Strategy Review – please respond!

Earlier this year, Herefordshire Council said the review of the Hereford bypass would consider alternative transport options, for example electric buses.  They are in no doubt as to the importance of this review and consultation.

Please add your comments to the online questionionnaire by 31 March 2020 – it is surprisingly quick to complete!


The questionnaire can be completed any number of times, as your answers can be made specific to a particular location in the city (e.g. Belmont roundabout).  Or you can head it, “Hereford City

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire you are able to see other people’s responses (all are reported anonymously).   

 Unlike new road building, a number of other measures are of relatively low cost and can be delivered quickly… measures that encourage walking, cycling, use of public transport particularly for short journeys…

On behalf of the Hereford Civic Society

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