New bond offer with Wind Co-op

Some of you will already be aware of Sharenergy, a Shropshire based co-operative which helps to grow the community energy sector in the UK. They are currently supporting some new bond offers in case you are looking for alternative ways to invest your money:

  • The Small Wind Co-op is raising £450,000 in bonds to purchase an operational turbine in County Durham, bringing their total turbines to four – two in Scotland, one in Wales and one in England. 50 free bonds will go to the first 100 applicants to buy 1000 bonds or more. As Sharenergy supporters if you’d like to register for bonds ahead of the launch you can do so here – it’s non-binding but SWC will hold your place in the queue until 15 November.
  • The Ynni Teg offer has reached £500,000 and is only open for one more week.  This is a newly installed turbine in Wales that is so far performing very well.  The community fund from this project will go to Community Energy Wales, hopefully leading to the development of much more community energy in time.
  • Grannell Community Energy’s offer is open until 14 December and they really deserve your support – if they can’t raise the funds required then they won’t be able to build their turbine. Both projects are offering shares with returns averaging 5% annually.
  • Oldham Community Power are offering shares in community solar on schools and community buildings and are offering a 4% return on investment, with their offer closing on 6th November.

Sharenergy have also been working hard on a range of other projects, which they’ll send us details of when they are nearer fruition but highlights looking forward include:

  • A proposal for low-carbon rural heat networks working with both social landlords and private housing
  • An ambitious new project to set up regional solar co-ops which will be able to deliver zero-subsidy rooftop solar on a large scale.
  • A wide range of work with existing societies aimed at making them run more smoothly and with less onerous work for the volunteers who keep them going

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