Join our Network!

Who can be a Herefordshire Green Network Member?

Anyone in Herefordshire who has a commitment to encouraging environmental sustainability and future resilience, including individuals, groups, organisations and businesses (both ‘for’ and ‘not for’ profit).

Herefordshire Green Network currently includes representatives of more than 40 local organisations, groups and businesses with an interest in environmental & energy reduction issues.

HGN are members of the West Midlands Regional Transition Network, and keep in touch with developments across the Transition UK Network.

What HGN can offer its Members:


Varied platforms to share your activities with a wider audience, including:

o   Weekly website news & email updates ( / Mailchimp)

o   Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

o   Shared county calendar of events (Google Calendar)

o   Quarterly outward facing ‘HGN Gatherings’ in central Hereford

o   Quarterly Film & Discussion nights at Hereford Courtyard

o   Quarterly Members’ Meetings

o   Local & county events (e.g. Hereford River Carnival / Spring Greens / h.Energy)

o   Fora to enable peer-to-peer skill and experience sharing

o   A virtual hub for resource and information sharing


o   Free training on the issues of running small groups, projects and campaigns, including fundraising, social media, volunteer engagement, policy change, PR, capacity building etc.


o   Provision of information about national and regional initiatives that increase local sustainability / the sustainability of our member groups and organisations

o   A shared strong voice to lobby on areas of common interest and concern for member groups

What HGN expects from its Members:

HGN Members and Associate Members will

  • Conform with HGN’s general Vision and Mission, Aims and Actions
  • Have a willingness to share information and experience for mutual benefit
  • Be willing to publicise your Membership of HGN on your website (if appropriate) including a link to HGN website.
  • Be aware and accepting of HGN’s organisational policies (including our Safeguarding Policy and Ethical Policy)
  • Have read and agreed with our Constitution

How to Apply:

To apply for membership interested parties need to click here and complete the application form

Payment can be made via BACS to the account listed on the form, or by cheque/cash – please contact us if you’d prefer the latter.

Our advisory annual rates for membership are:

  • Unwaged / students: £0 – £5
  • Waged individuals: £15
  • Not-for-profit and Volunteer led organisations: £25
  • For-profit organisations: £50

Please note that these rates are entirely voluntary. However – HGN needs the support of organisations / individuals who are able to pay something towards our running costs, in order to remain a sustainable organisation. 

For larger businesses who might like to offer Sponsorship, this is welcome and by discussion with the HGN Chairperson.

In return for Membership organisations / individuals will receive:

  • A copy of the HGN logo for their use
  • An invitation to join our Mailing List
  • An invitation to our Whatsapp / SLACK forum (to be arranged over the coming months)
  • An invitation to share our Google Calendar / website calendar
  • Notifications of our monthly HGN Gatherings & quarterly Member’s Meetings
  • Free entry to all of our training workshops and events

Members will be responsible for:

  • Sharing their own events on the HGN website / via Google Calendar (our Administrator will moderate and assist as needed)
  • Sending news & information to the HGN Administrator (email: for posting on our website in an easily transferable and readable style: Formatted in Word / or in the body of an email – not a pdf or jpg please; no more than 100-300 words; accompanied by a photo or logo for uploading.

A protocol document defining HGN criteria for online news / postings & event sharing will be developed over the coming months.

If any of you would like to check the HGN constitution, and see what we’ve all said we do, you’ll find it here.