Mistletoe Festival – Update

Thanks to Patricia Ronan for updating us on progress of the development of Herefordshire’s very own Mistletoe Festival.

As there is insufficient time to raise funding for this year’s activities, the Festival will take place on December 1st 2018, which is National Mistletoe Day. A Gathering will meet in the old Pippin orchard in Breinton and harvest mistletoe for sale if a buyer can be found.  Then participants will progress to the Cider Museum for a celebration where members of the public can join in.

This initial event will be to launch the idea and gain local support.

The event co-ordinators will continue planning for a much bigger event for next year, apply for funding and launch it at the Three Counties Show.

If you’d like to be involved or find out more, contact Dr Patricia Ronan, email: pbronan@icloud.com.


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