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WEDNESDAY 5 MAY 2021 “Greta Thunberg” : A review.

Following the series of three documentaries about Greta Thunberg, her life of learning about and campaigning for the environment, shown on BBC1 Mondays 12, 19, 26 April at 9pm, all available on BBC iplayer. Another Discussion Evening with a difference! Let’s have the  emphasis very much on open discussion – based on this series of three documentaries about Greta Thunberg; she has had an enormous impact and been a great inspiration to bring concern about the environment to the fore and demand action.

Is she right? Or wrong? Should she have led millions of school children to strike and protest? Has her attacking approach to certain political movers and shakers been counter-productive?

Has, as she says at one point in the programs, the media focused on her as a personality and the reactions she has elicited rather than the science?

Has the media focused too much on one person with little balance of supporting or measured contradictory views?

Some reasonably presented, other views are available :

  • Hay Player has a video of Emily Shuckburgh (Hay Festival 2019 – 25/05/19) – who delivered a very ‘in-your-face- view of Climate Change click here
  • Gabrielle Walker (Hay Festival 2017 – 03/06/17), the climate scientist and strategist argues that ‘it’s time to stop focusing on disaster and start pouring our energy into imagining – and creating – the promised land.’ Click here for link

It would be great if you were to think up some specific questions or points for us to pick up on or, indeed, give a summary of your consideration of the series and the current situation. And we can add to this a review of the  recent flurry of increased commitments to greenhouse gas emission reductions from Biden, Johnson, Xi Jinping  and several other world leaders. The US envoy John Kerry and the Chinese leadership, in Shanghai last week, made a commitment for their two countries to work together – near unprecedented considering the areas of contention such as Hong-Kong, Taiwan and the South China Sea. Cause for cautious optimism or political greenwash? Have we reached a tipping point of awareness of need for action, will these fine words translate into effective action, what actually needs to and should be done?


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