Informal assembly at the Herefordshire XR Castle Green picnic, May 18th

A question was asked to those gathered at this event: “We have a new council after the May 2nd elections. How would you like your voice to be heard?”

Small groups discussed the issue and came up with their top two. We then voted on all the ideas. Here are the results – two came well ahead of the rest:

Suggestion Votes
Parish People’s Assemblies in all 53 ward areas 12
Website for residents to vote on key issues 11
Teach climate science in schools 4
Environmental/Co2 audit on all council activity 4
All infrastructure to be radically sustainable and regenerative 3
We feel disempowered. We want an easier platform for our voices to be heard. (Maybe an app?) We want to know that our voice is going to be heard by the right people. 2
Hopes and dreams, fears and concerns book 2
Citizens assembly (randomly chosen) like jury service. Replace the council – constant democracy 1  
Destroy the press – remove vested interests from guiding the debate 0
Open surgeries with councillors 0

What are your thoughts on these and do you have any other suggestions to add?

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