Hottest February in Recorded History!


We are experiencing unprecedented heat this February, the first days in winter since records began that have exceeded 20 degrees celsius, with parts of London being hotter than Malibu and Athens. Listening to PM on Radio 4 yesterday afternoon, I heard a man in Aberystwyth say ‘if this is global warming, bring it on’ as people enjoyed the coast in this balmy weather. But something crucial is being missed out on the reports of wonderful days spent outside in the February half term and that is ‘why is this happening?’. Below, I have some links to the stories that discuss Climate Change in relation to the current temperatures but it is important to keep talking about this so that it cannot be ignored.

Here is the Guardian reporting on the high temperatures. Wider discussion on the link to Climate Change is not on the front page. However, it can be found here and here 

Here is ITV but not so much from the BBC!

This was a warning back in December from National Geographic.


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