HGN online Gathering: BUILDING SENSE – creating comfort + cutting carbon

Wednesday 24 February 5.30 -7pm – join us for the launch event for our new retrofit initiative: BUILDING SENSE – creating comfort + cutting carbon

With countless homes hard to keep warm, bills hard to pay, plus a zero carbon commitment, however do we upgrade – retrofit – our homes and buildings across the county? It’s a tough challenge and a huge opportunity.

Join us at this HGN gathering to find out more from a wide range of professionals from around the county, to hear from people who’ve taken the retrofit challenge in their own homes, and to let us know what your community, household or building business needs to get going.

Let us know you plan to attend, and get the joining details, by signing up here

Everybody’s welcome, particularly Herefordshire building and heating professionals, parish councillors, anyone who lets out a property or has responsibility for a building as part of their work. So please spread the word …

If the interest is there, this will be the first of a series of events as we launch the Building Sense: creating comfort + cutting carbon initiative, plus we’re putting more useful information on our website very soon.

(And if you or people you know are struggling with the cold or bills this winter, please contact the team at Keep Herefordshire Warm – they can help.  Keep Herefordshire Warm helpline – 0800 677 1432 Monday to Friday, 9-5 and online at https://keepherefordshirewarm.co.uk/contact/).