HGN Members Meeting – Building Back Better. 5.30pm Wednesday 17th June

Join us to discuss key messages for positive change in Herefordshire following the Covid 19 lockdown, and how best to get our voices heard

How do HGN and our members constructively engage with each other and society to get the climate crisis firmly yet positively welcomed back on the agenda? 

How best can HGN support urgent lobbying of local councillors, MP’s and bodies of influence in Herefordshire to ensure that net zero and the ecological crises are front and centre of future plans and that economic and social recovery go hand in hand? 

Along with some truly tragic impacts of the Covid 19 situation, there is an opportunity to consider how elements of the way that we live may be different when circumstances return to a more “normal” footing.

Similar questions to these are being asked across the country, and the HGN Steering Group have been considering what some of these new opportunities might be for Herefordshire – how we might make our voices heard and what messages might be appropriate and useful.

We would love to hear what HGN member groups and individuals feel that the key messages should be, so please join us for a discussion at this (online) Members Meeting. 

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and financial collapses share some similarities with COVID 19: they do not observe national or even physical borders and they can be managed only through collective action that starts long before they become full-blown crises. Moreover, deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change make pandemics more likely.” Source: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Please click on this link to register to attend https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/108448666882

(In order to increase online security, the link will take you to an Eventbrite page which contains Zoom meeting details for this event. If you need help to access Zoom please email admin@hgnetwork.org.uk and we will be glad to help).

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