Thanks to all those who came to the Members meeting this Wednesday. It was great to welcome old friends and new, and to see so many people there – we will need to book a bigger room for the next one!

We enjoyed hearing a little about what the groups in the room are doing, to have a brief discussion and “jazz hands” poll about the outcome from the membership discussions at the AGM and for us to talk a little about the emerging HGN role on the Herefordshire County Carbon Working Group (led by Herefordshire Council). We gave some feedback on our work with parish/town councillors via the HGN Great Collaboration Towards a Zero Carbon Herefordshire, talked about Spring Greens and also the request for HGN involvement in the River Carnival.

The theme of planting trees in response to the climate emergency is high up on the agenda of lots of groups and we are hoping to host a Gathering in April to bring interested parties together. There was also interest in the government consultation about making changes to building standard for new homes (for those interested, more details can be found here:

Meeting minutes will be up on the website in the next week or so and there will be more info coming out in the next few weeks about the topics above.

What an exciting and enthusiastic way to start 2020! Thank you all for your contributions.