HGN and partners Caplor Horizons are pleased to report that work is progressing well on the new ‘Great Collaboration Towards a Zero Carbon Herefordshire’ interactive web-based platform for parish councils.

The HGN team have devised a menu of about 50 simple carbon reduction Actions, with high, medium and low carbon impacts, in relation to buildings, transport, food and waste, land use and energy. The Actions (which start with a commitment – “I will…”  then offer the option to “dive into” levels which include tips, sources of advice and further information) are currently undergoing rigorous internal and external checking for accuracy and completeness. The Actions are applicable to individuals, groups and businesses and the platform is being tailored to support the development and uptake of local zero carbon initiatives in parishes around the county.  

Our web designers are busy writing the many thousands of lines of code which will make the platform engaging and interesting to use. User testing of the trial version of the platform with Fownhope Parish Council will start in mid-October. In the next phase, HGN will coordinate with Herefordshire Association of Local Councils to ensure good uptake for the website around Herefordshire – and then with the National Association of Local Councils to extend the offer to parish councils around the UK. We plan to have the website resource available for local use across Herefordshire by Spring 2021. 

Given our current global context with COVID-19 the capacity of The Great Collaboration website to move virtually around communities where people are socially distancing or isolating may prove vital in maintaining the momentum of our work towards carbon reduction. 

Thanks to the MCS Charitable Foundation for the funding for this project.

Contact Beth Williamson, The Great Collaboration Co-ordinator for HGN for more information events@hgnetwork.org