HGN Film Night at the Courtyard: Join Us!

The Courtyard will be showing a wonderful film called Aga on the 12th of June at 8pm– why not come along?

What’s it all about?

Living in a yurt in the frozen expanses of Siberia, an elderly Yakut couple, Sedna and Nanook, seem to be the last people living the traditional way, cutting holes in the ice to fish and trapping foxes. As they observe the flight of the ravens and the occasional ghostly reindeer, both signs that climate change is making their difficult lives even more precarious, their biggest sorrow is that their daughter Ága has left to work in the diamond mine. Best seen on the big screen to appreciate the majestic cinematography of a dying way of life, this moving tale is full of memorable images, with moments of great beauty, charm and dry humour.

“a winning combination of the cozily intimate and the sublimely epic.” Hollywood Reporter

Winner Best Director Award Eurasian Film Festival 201

In partnership with Wales One World Festival

Here’s for the trailer.

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