Herefordshire Sustainable Transport Group new report: “The Bus Muddle”

Many thanks to Gareth Calan Davies from the Herefordshire Sustainable Transport Group for sharing their latest report “The Bus Muddle”  

Hard decisions need to be made now if we are to retain a county bus service network that is considered socially necessary, is part of the county economy and essential in respect of the climate emergency task and the move to zero carbon.

It is well worth a read and can be accessed here

Other reports that you might have missed are: Departure: The Future for Herefordshire Bus Services – click here and Unlocking the City of Hereford as a Regional Historic Capital – click here

HSTG is an Independent Group allied to Rail & Bus for Herefordshire and the Herefordshire Transport Alliance.

For a full list of our reports in PDF format contact: Gareth Calan Davies: or Carole Protherough:

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