Herefordshire Council Travel Survey – have your say!

So far, more than 600 people have let Herefordshire Council know about how they travel in Hereford and what would make their journey better. If you haven’t shared your ideas yet there is still time, so add your comments here:

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  • I have limited mobility because of an injury to my right foot – affects driving, and also affects the number of steps I can take. My problem in Hereford is getting to the archives at Rotherwas from the railway station: there is a bus from the county station to Thorn, ok for getting there, but the return buses all stop at the city bus station which is too far from the railway station for me to walk.

    I understand from a local taxi driver that this may be resolved as the bus station, he said, is being moved so it adjoins the railway station. Meanwhile, however, the difficulty remains!

    Wendy Brogden March 2, 2020

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