Herefordshire Council contract opportunity: Facilitation of 2020 County Climate Challenge Team

To support the ‘Countdown to 2030’ Action Plan on Climate and Ecology for the whole County of Herefordshire, Herefordshire Council have recruited a Team of 25 volunteers: young and old, from a wide range of backgrounds (health, education, construction, farming etc) (not just ‘the usual suspects’), and will be asking them to a) reduce their carbon footprints (target -20% over one year) and b) work in small groups to recommend what could and should be done in all the different sectors of our economy and society to help make Herefordshire a zero carbon county.

Herefordshire Council are now looking to appoint one or more individuals to provide enthusiastic, committed, tailored support to the Team to enable them to achieve the intended outcomes of the project

The project will run from 1 July 2020 – 31st December 2020. A possible extension of 6 months may be considered.

More details can be found by clicking here.

Estimated value £5,000. Closing date: 15/06/2020 12:00

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