Hereford Bypass?

For those of you following the Hereford Bypass campaign, here is the latest update from WyeRuinIt:

Hereford urgently needs better buses, better support for cycling and walking, 20mph speed limits, and safe routes to school. The council intend to delay these much-needed improvements until the Hereford Bypass is built in 2025.

Traffic congestion and air pollution in Hereford is a problem NOW. It will get worse as more houses are built. A £200m bypass, which you acknowledge will ‘not on its own reduce congestion,’ is not the answer. We need lower cost, proven solutions now, not in 7 years time.

Please scrap plans to develop the Hereford Bypass before any sustainable measures have been tried.

A campaign is now available on 38degrees:


There are protests this week at Drover Wood, and coloured signs are going up to show where the road will go….

And on Wednesday 28th February at Left Bank Village, the bypass will be the topic of the Big Green Conversation hosted by Herefordshire Green Party, 7.30 – 9pm.

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