So as I’m sure you all know by now h.Energy is happening on and around next weekend – 13/14th October!

Saturday 13th October has a range of exciting things to pull people in at the Kindle Centre, by ASDA in Hereford. We have a kids cooking activity, a TESLA car, more clothes swapping, bike and household repairs, a range of stalls and a big community lunch!

This will be a good opportunity to showcase what members are up to! So if you’d still like to be part of this with your organisation or business please let Rebecca know – this is the easiest way:


Look forward to hearing from you!

Full h.Energy events and activity listings can be found here.


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  • Hello,

    We were involved in h.Energy! 2018 by opening our then semi-built passive house 3 miles outside of Kington at Upper Field, Spond, HR5 3LD. We had over 30 visitors and learnt a lot from their questions. We are now living in the house, and would be very happy to have the house open again as part of the passive-house Herefordshire tour if that was of interest to you programme – if it is happening again this year. We would be able to give visitors a much better review of the lived-in experience of such a house now, as well as things we might have done differently with hindsight! Please be in touch if you would like us to be part of your programme, Jim Rann and Annie Gamble.

    Annie Gamble July 20, 2019

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