h.Energy 2018 – making it happen!

Many of you out there have been involved with h.Energy over the past 8 years since it started in 2010. This countywide festival of sustainability couldn’t have happened without you. You have opened your homes & farms, put on community events, offered us ideas, creativity, expertise, time, music and flapjacks …

This year for the first time ever we are asking you for money.

We aim to fund h.Energy 2018 properly, and take it back out to the whole community of Herefordshire. And we need your help with this.

We already have some funding to support the event, but we are currently urgently seeking local sponsors & supporters. Your support may feel like small change to you but it will be enormously helpful to us…

Here is the link to our Crowdfunder site: ‘h.Energy 2018 – help make it happen’. 

Any level of funding is welcome. If everyone gave a very small amount we would raise a very large amount of money.

If you happen to be in a position to mention this opportunity to friends who might be local sponsors that would also make us very happy! Please ask them to contact kate@hgnetwork.org for further details.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

& heres that all important link again



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