“Green Connections”: Councillor Felicity Norman

Hello, I am Felicity Norman, and I joined the Ecology (Green) Party in 1982 when it was first established in Herefordshire, inspired by the core vision for living in harmony with the world and its people. I was first elected to represent Leominster on Herefordshire Council in 2011, so am now into my third term. I and my six fellow Greens are part of the coalition that is currently in power, and I am cabinet member for Children and Families. Before it was abolished, and Herefordshire Council was established, I was also twice elected to Leominster District Council.

What makes the Green vision for the future different is that it is holistic, not just focused on protecting and enhancing the environment, essential though that is, but about a enabling a healthier, happier lifestyle that integrates community, environment, work and leisure.

A sustainable future that is based on ‘thinking global and acting local’, and on ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ I am delighted that this vision is reflected in the County Plan, which outlines our Council aspirations for the next four years.

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