Follow up to HGN Gathering: Sustainable Food

Thank you all for attending our Sustainable Food Places (SFP) Gathering on 21st January, it was great to have such an interesting audience and hear about some of the inspirational work already going on in the county.

The slides from the event can be seen here, Zoom chat transcript here and copies of the Jamboards from the breakout rooms where we discussed  “What is happening in Herefordshire now & priorities for food in the county” here. We will let you know when the video of the event is available.

Follow up from Pete and Kristan:

More information on SFP can be found here and over the next 6 months we will be developing our plans to become a Sustainable Food Place and linking this in to the County Carbon Plan. 

If you are interested in joining the Herefordshire Food Alliance for support, to hear about other projects or to give your input into our county food plan please email We have a steering group but are also inviting people to join as part of a wider membership/consultation group. Please also let us know if you are currently delivering food projects related to any of the 6 key issues of the SFP. 

Kristan and Pete

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