“Focus on”: The Hub at St.Peter’s

The Hub at St Peter’s is a community development project in Peterchurch.  Located in the working church of St Peter’s, it has become an example of the success which can result from a Parochial Church Council (PCC) reimagining rural ministry as a form of wider community engagement. 

Reordered in 2010, the church initially housed key county council services such as Sure Start within its walls.  In addition, a branch of Herefordshire Libraries was created in the church’s bell tower!  What was initially known as St Peter’s Centre was renamed The Hub at St Peter’s in 2017 when links with Sure Start ended and The Hub Café was opened. 

In addition to the café and library, The Hub hosts weekly classes, a Kids’ Play Café, a Chatty Café, evening events, workshops, exhibitions and more. 

The arrival of Covid-19 has required the PCC and Hub staff to revisit the way in which they support the local community.  The café is currently closed so staff have adapted to provide community outreach.  The Hub is now partnering with Peterchurch Parish Council and Peterchurch Village Hall to respond to the Covid-19 crisis: volunteers have been recruited to assist those in need and a helpline now operates daily from 11am – 2pm to provide assistance, support and signposting. 

With the helpline up and running, The Hub continues to work with its partners to mitigate the challenges of lockdown and, as importantly, to plan for the transition out of lockdown.  The local community has recently been invited to share their experiences of lockdown in as creative a way as possible – contributing to a PETERCHURCH UNLOCKED exhibition which is planned for later in the year – and plans are underway for a COMMUNITY CONVERSATION & REFLECTIVE RAMBLE which will take place in the local countryside when restrictions are lifted.

Covid-19 Helpline: 01981 551143

Hub website: www.hubcommunity.org

HGN Admin: If you would like to share what your group are doing – in more general terms or how you are coping/adapting at this time – please see this link for what to send us: https://hgnetwork.org/weekly-focus-on-slot/

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