“Focus on”: Herefordshire Sustainable Transport Group

Herefordshire Sustainable Transport Group (HSTG) comprises a small number of professionals who embrace transport and land use planning, economics and the environment and who see into the future and learn from the past. The realisation that future transport provision has to change led to the formation of the group HSTG in 2017.

“We are not a lobbying group. Our main force is presenting readable, critical but constructive reports”

The principal aim is to examine and study innovative environmental and economic changes in transport that can be applied to Herefordshire’s current transport problems. The principal areas of examination are:

  • Future public transport provision including tackling the rural public transport crisis, the use of electric buses in urban and inter urban areas, the potential for an ultra-light rail scheme in Hereford and the need for an integrated link between new housing development and public transport services.
  • The important link between air quality, environment and future transport provision.
  • Maximising the use and health benefits of walking and cycling by improving road safety and developing a network of segregated routes.
  • Development of closer integration between bus and rail services throughout the county.
  • The development of a freight strategy with regard to the environment and the potential greater use of rail freight.

HSTG published concise reports under the imprint of Sustainable Transport Herefordshire. To date reports include:

  • Sustainable Public Transport for Hereford
  • The Country Bus: Its Place in Our Future
  • The Need for a Herefordshire Bus Strategy
  • An All electric Town Bus Service for Ledbury
  • Hereford City Bus Services
  • Electric Buses for Hereford
  • New Homes & Public Transport: The Role of the Bus
  • Bus Service Information
  • Air Quality, Environment, Community & Transport
  • Post Lockdown
  • The Lost Decades
  • The Role of Railways in Herefordshire’s Future
  • Submission of Evidence to the Department of Transport on Ultra-Light Rail

All reports are available in PDF format and are available from HSTG via Gareth Calan Davies (ghal@btinternet.com) or Carole Protherough (protheroughcarole32@gmail.com). Reports also appear on the RBfH website (rbfh.org.uk)

HSTG is an independent group allied to Rail & Bus for Herefordshire (RBfH) and the Herefordshire Transport Alliance (HTA. It seeks to work with the local transport authority, local MPs, the Department for Transport, transport operators and community groups in planning future transport provision.

HSTG welcomes the opportunity to work with HGN and its members on transport and related environmental matters within Herefordshire.

Gareth Calan Davies at HSTG and RBfH

HGN Admin: If you would like to share what you our your group are doing – in more general terms or how you are coping/adapting at this time – please send a short piece of up to about 300 words a link to your website or social media pages and a photo (jpg) to: admin@hgnetwork.org

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