As we might have mentioned… Garway Community Centre has been shortlisted for the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund!

The groundbreaking new Community Centre is in the running to receive a £12,500 grant from the nationally recognised M&S Energy Community Energy Fund.

They’ve made it this far now need our help to get the campaign over the finish line.


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What makes the Garway Community Centre special?

The Garway Community Centre is a unique eco build, and the first of its kind in the UK. It’s a cutting-edge ‘Passivhaus’ design that’s clean and very cheap to run due to its highly energy efficient mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR) which helps us to dramatically reduce our energy use compared to a traditional build. It really is something special ­ you can read more about the technology on our campaign page.


How can you help?

Cast your vote ­- voting opens on the 4th September and we need as many votes as we can get to be awarded the grant.


Here’s the link to the campaign and voting page –

You’ll find lots more information about the MVHR system and the project itself on there.


Spread the word ­ … It’s the first of its kind in the UK and we want the whole country to know about it ­ it’s a game changer. Please share this with your friends, family and colleagues.


Make a donation ­ as well as the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund grant, there’s a crowdfunded campaign to help us raise even more money to really get the Community Centre off to a flying start in December. Any and all donations are very welcome ­ plus, we’ll be offering some tasty rewards to early backers!


What is the money going towards?

The M&S Energy Community Energy Fund grant will be put towards funding the MVHR system.

Any additional money we raise, through the crowdfunding, will also go towards this essential equipment for the Centre, and the large range of facilities and activities it will offer. Discover the many ways the Centre will be used by watching our latest video.-

Thank you for your help and support!

Visit the campaign page to vote –