From XR Marches

Saturday 3rd October Transport Action 9am-4pm 

XR Marches are raising awareness of ways to decarbonise transport in Herefordshire. We’ve chosen the 3rd October to raise awareness of the upcoming Herefordshire Council’s transport strategy review in early October. We are urging the Council to pursue a transport strategy of active travel and public transport and to close down the Hereford bypass option for good. 

There are several ways for you to take part on the day…

Help on the Transport Information Stall in High Town

Being on a stall: Friends of the Earth have invited us to join with them and hold an outreach stall in High Town demonstrating all the options currently available for decarbonising transport, including e-cars, e bikes, e scooters, Beryl Bikes car sharing clubs, safe routes to school, e cargo bikes, safe cycle lanes and joined up public transport including e-buses. (You should see Manchester’s new fleet – they are fantastic!) as well as info on the grants available. People will be on the stall in pairs, allowing outreach with 2 members of the public at a time.  To join the rota please email us

Creating information for the stall: We need help to create our displays. We want posters with photos of the type of transport available, a text explanation, key facts and where to go to make a purchase, get a grant. This needs some research and then some word-processing etc – if you think you can help with either, please

Have your photo taken cycling over Old Bridge (bring your XR flag/ t-shirt!)

We can’t have a mass cycle due to Covid restrictions, but we can have a virtual cycle rally on social media! Bring your bike to the outskirts of Hereford (or cycle from home), ditch the car and cycle through the City with friends, with family, or solo. If you would like to be linked up with a group of no more than 6 XR cyclists, please email

Make sure your route includes the Old Bridge where our waiting photographer will capture you in action and add it to our social media sites. We want to show how important it is to local people that they have safe spaces to walk and cycle. And don’t forget to call in at our Transport stall in High Town on your route and sign our petition asking the Council to invest in cycling infrastructure.

XR litter pickers

Our team will be working hard all round the City, XR branded, to show that XR isn’t just about raising the alarm on the climate crisis, through actions and civil disobedience, we also look after our city and help create the beautiful environment we want to live in. To join the team please email xrbromyard

Do all three!

Arrive by bike! Do a stint on the stall, join up with a group for a cycle round our lovely City and have your photo taken on Old Bridge. Follow up with an hour of litter picking, XR style, and a well-earned cup of tea and cake before cycling home/ back to your car.