VENUE: Castle Green Pavilion, Castle Green, 1, Quay Street, Hereford, HR1 2NH Email to book!


For Everyone
Heading for Extinction Talk – 1.5 hours (Fri 24 Jan)              
A talk to introduce the climate and ecological crisis and civil disobedience as a response. How XR is responding to the climate crisis and what you can do to get involved.

Community Building – 2.5-3 hours (Sat 25 Jan)
An exploration of community within Extinction Rebellion, especially in our local groups. We will explore the role it plays in our movement and spend some time building stronger connections with our fellow rebels.

People’s Assembly (Sat 25 Jan)
Contribute your views to the development of XR’s Theory of Change – How do you think XR will best achieve its three demands?

Regenerative Culture – 2.5-3 hours (Sun 26 Jan)
What is regenerative culture, why do we need it and why does it so often get sidelined? In this workshop we will explore these questions and explore ways in which we can bring regeneration into our lives and movement, preventing burnout and finding ways to rebel sustainably.

Level 1 – Intro to XR
NVDA Training – 3-4 hours (Sat 25 Jan)
An essential training for rebels new and old: introducing non-violent direct action and civil disobedience as tactics, the legal consequences of our actions, the roles within actions, our role as activists in the global north, practice exercises and a space to ask lots of questions. NVDA trainings are regularly updated and it’s worth attending more than one.
Level 2 – Rebel Skills 
Become an NVDA Trainer – 3-4 hours (Sat 25 Jan)
For those wanting to deliver NVDA workshops this training is essential. You will explore the ideas behind the NVDA training and how best to deliver it. Come to this workshop if you’re willing and able to commit to delivering NVDA trainings in the future. 

De-escalation Training  (Sat 25 Jan)
121/Small group De-escalation – This workshop explores a variety of ways to deescalate small group / 121 situations and includes some of the principles of Nonviolent Communication.  You’ll get practice in engaging with people who are very angry.

Large Crowd De-escalation and Nonviolence – Explore what nonviolence is to you and learn techniques for creating and maintaining nonviolent atmosphere during large actions and occupations. 

Spokesperson Training – 2-3 hours (Sun 26 Jan)
This training is designed to give you the basic information and skills to prepare for and make the most of media interviews. We’ll look at messaging, tips and tricks for preparing for broadcast interviews and have some time to practise. Please consider coming even if you’re not certain you want to be a spokesperson – some of the best spokespeople started off feeling that they were not right for this.

How to deliver Inductions – 1-2 hour (Sun 26 Jan)
Learn how to deliver the session designed to welcome people into XR. Inductions covers the basics of XR and enable rebels to begin their journey into joining the movement. 

Level 3 – Specific Roles
Facilitation Training – 3.5 hours (Sat 25 and Sun 26 Jan)
Supporting rebels to become confident in facilitating XR meetings (including opening, encouraging and managing contributions, facilitating decision making and action planning, and closing) in alignment with XR values and principles.
Self Organising Systems (SOS) Workshop – 2-3 Hours (Sat 25 Jan)
A talk and workshop exploring the basic principles of self-organising systems, how this is realised in Extinction Rebellions structure and how it is has already lead to XR’s rapid growth.