Cycling in Herefordshire

Our hope is to increase choice across the county when it comes to transport. Better buses, better trains and more opportunity to walk and cycle so that we don’t always have to get into the car. This article on cycling in this country is a depressing read, as it shows that this is still far from a real option for the majority of people. I cycled for 10 years in London and got used to it, but I shouldn’t have had to get used to anything; it should be normal to have cyclists on the road, travelling to and from work. The council has started a cycle hire scheme and have a page dedicated to cycling around, but it does not seem to be common knowledge and the cyclist is still a rare sight. How can we make this happen more in our county?

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  • I am all for cycling, but please let it not be at the expense of walkers . I am referring to walkers in the city where we are in constant danger of being mown down whilst walking on the pavement. Please can we have functional designated cycle paths , not cyclists being allowed to use footpaths, as it doesn’t work !
    I and people I know , have had several near collisions with cyclists , so that walking around Hereford has become a little stressful.

    Jan May 11, 2019

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