Community Challenge opportunity – can University of Gloucestershire students help your group?

Do you have a meaningful mini-challenge that supports sustainability?

Our student-led engagement programme, Live Smart is launching its annual community challenge which aims to help students connect with their local community and across social groups while taking local action for the Global Goals.

Students will have the opportunity to work individually or in teams to take part in activities which we will then celebrate in partnership with Gloucester Cathedral in the spring.

Activities need to be covid-safe, so either something students can complete remotely, or something that can be done in small, socially-distanced outdoor groups.

These activities might include for example**:

  • Planting a local garden to support wellbeing
  • Offering ‘consultancy support’ to help you with your sustainability goals* 
  • Doing a small piece of research

**NB. Herefordshire projects probably need to be something that could be completed remotely/online/with video calls. Potentially there is scope for some socially distanced in person activities too, but given the current circumstances and the distance of Herefordshire you may find these get less of a take up from students

For examples of what students got up to last year, see our blog post  here.  

* This could be e.g. in design, media, content-writing, engagement, fundraising, sustainable business solutions etc. Our students study on a wide range of courses and have a wide range of skills   

Do you have an exciting opportunity that might fit? It needs to:

  • Be happening between the beginning of November 2020 and the middle of March 2021
  • Take no more than a few hours overall 
  • Support at least one of the Global Sustainable Development Goals
  • Make links with the 3 pillars of sustainability (the connections between people, profit, and planet)

Initial challenges will be advertised to students at the end of October, so please let us know:

  • If you have a project idea and would like to join in
  • If you’d like our help to create an opportunity around what you are already doing
  • You’d like to join in our challenge and celebration in another way.

If you don’t have an idea ready for launch, don’t worry – there is still scope to promote new opportunities until the end of 2019. Get in touch with Will and Miriam: 

Best wishes Miriam Webb, Sustainability Engagement Manager Sustainability Team, University of Gloucestershire, DH204 Dunholme Villa, Park Campus, Cheltenham, GL50 2RH. T: 01242 715 394

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