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Are you interested in developing projects to benefit your community?

CSE are looking to establish interest for a new Ofgem-funded project, hosted by Western Power Distribution, using data from your local substation. The OpenLV project is making electricity network data ‘open access’ for the first time ever. This presents a great opportunity for smart thinking and innovation. We are inviting people to come up with novel ideas for Apps that can make use of this data, or indeed thinking of new ‘offline’ uses for this type of data.

There are around a million electricity substations in the UK. Almost all of them are currently ‘silent’; local people have no way of knowing what is happening at the substation. But substation low voltage (LV) data could be used by communities in all sorts of ways. The OpenLV project aims to work with community groups to help them find a useful way to use this data and work with them to develop an app.

A few ways we think OpenLV data could be used to benefit your community… (Though we would love to hear your ideas too):

  • Owners of generation assets could make their installations more profitable by negotiating timed grid connections.
  • If you want to build new generation assets you could find out the best place to install your renewable energy project.
  • If you want to connect new buildings to the grid you could find out where you can get a new connection.
  • If you work with fuel poor households you could you use this information to negotiate cheaper tariffs for bulk switching schemes.
  • If you want to start up a car club or encourage local uptake of electric vehicles then data from the local grid will be essential to install charging points.
  • If you want to inform your local community about their carbon footprint you could use OpenLV data, and then work on ways to reduce your community’s environmental impact.
  • If you are in the process of neighbourhood planning you could identify areas where the grid has the capacity for new developments.

Can you think of any other ways you might be able to use this data?

Please follow this link to our survey to tell us whether this might be something you would be interested in: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/OpenLV.

Expressing an initial interest in participating in the project does not commit you to further participation. Once we have determined initial levels of interest, there will be a selection process to recruit communities that will receive full support* to develop their app ideas.

The survey will remain open until 9am on Tuesday 11th July.

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