Multigenerational Wisdom

Doing something… Doing something of worth…  Doing nothing… But doing it together.

Wednesday’s Gathering:  We heard stories of school kids and 90+ year olds, villagers’ doors being knocked on in icy winter evenings, communal meals… heartwarming ideas of multigenerational involvement that we can use in our organisations to get more people involved.
Thanks to Liz and Christine for being a torrent of ideas… and for living those ideas wih young baby Finn who was a brililant workshop member!
How can we become more intergenerational in what we do?  We are social beings. Part of this is doing things together.
We were asked…  “Who are the people you naturally click with?” Who’s your typical group member now?”  useful questions to get understanding who comes through our ‘doors’, and why.
Some local perspectives were:  we need to understand our own areas.  Looking back at our histories… Some areas have people who have lived there for a long time and have a specific shared history with the place.  This is a different shared history than those who have moved as adults for example and we should try and understand both perspectives when planning our events and activities.
All agreed: food is so important! Conversations ‘happen’ over food.  “Not just talking – activity together”
Recommendations for more on  the topic:

And an Organisation: The Beth Johnson Foundation

And if you’d like to quiz her more, you can find Christine in the Hopes of Longtown community shop – along with a heap of great magazines to peruse including Permaculture.

Next Month:  we’ll be checking back in on the Plastic Action Here campaign and hearing about Plastic Free Waterways.  More soon.

h.Energy is ON – Still time to be part of it if you email  Looking for and exceptional UPCYCLED home in Hereford, or a One Planet Wales development close to the border…?!  And all the electirc vehicles you can think of!  Get in touch

Memories of Queenswood

The New Leaf and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust team at Queenswood & Bodenham Lake are searching for people with memories of Queenswood Country Park & Arboretum who can share their stories and help to create a new oral history archive – and are hoping you might be able to share their quest within your local communities or local contacts where relevant.

Here is their message:

“An archive is being created as part of the Queenswood Heritage Gateway Project and the oral histories collected will become part of a new audio trail around the Arboretum and country park. The project will also collate all the historic information about the site into a new booklet to give local residents and visitors an insight into the area’s past.

Though historically part of a vast ancient woodland stretching over what is today the Welsh border, dramatic changes also occurred in the 20th century as the wood was clear felled to produce timber for the First World War. Since then, the Arboretum has been founded, royalty has visited and two historic buildings have been relocated to the site to become a café and visitor centre.

We would love to hear from anyone who remembers these changes or has more personal memories of exploring Queenswood as generations have grown up with this special woodland as their playground.”


To get in touch to share a memory – or to find out more about the project and how to get involved – should contact Rose Farrington on 01432 356872 /

Spring Greens Report

For all those of you who attended Spring Greens in early May and would like to keep in touch with this lovely local festival, there is a meeting this Sunday 15th July for the Spring Greens AGM & de-brief. All welcome – 2.30pm at Court of Noke.

And as a little pre-reading, click here for the Spring Greens School Days Report. The School Days happen in the run up to the Spring Greens weekend itself and are an opportunity for local schools to engage in green and inspirational activities.



July Gathering: Multigenerational Wisdom!

This is a BELTER of a gathering before our August break!
Getting Multigenerational Involvement
July 18th 2018 7.30pm
YFC Centre, Beech Business Park, Tillington Road, Hereford HR4 9QJ
We’ll have quick updates from our campaign groups – Plastics Action and Divest – and confirm initial plans for October’s h.Energy Weekend.
(Thanks for all the sign-ups – still time to register your interest as an exhibitor, and crowdfunder still open please SHARE SHARE SHARE! Just a fiver from 10 of you would transorm our weekend plans!)
Followed by a great workshop:
“Getting Mutigenerational Involvement in your Project”
In a time constricted ever busier world, it’s really important to appeal to all age groups to ensure all are included, and we don’t stigmatise any age group away from our activities. Christine Hope and Liz Knight will talk about simple solutions through advertising and holding a gathering – to get the best results.
Christine and Liz are facilitators with experience of multigenerational working, and have an interactive session which should start our conversations to get more people on board in our sustainability projects.
Its a great opportunity for anybody to come to make a difference for a more cohesive society.
More info and let us know you’re coming on the facebook page – thanks.
(And – did I mention that the crowdfunder is STILL OPEN…?!  🙂

h.Energy 2018: Let’s Do This!

h.Energy is an event in Herefordshire that has been running since 2010.

Would you like to be involved this year? Please tell us how!

Crowdfunder link is also live – please support us here!

This year the event will take place over the weekend of October 13/14, have two main hubs (Hereford and Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum) and other pop-ups around the county according to interest.

Its aim: Promoting sustainable lifestyles, encouraging action to reduce carbon and providing practical support for carbon reduction initiatives.

Your interest and enthusiasm at this stage is what will shape the event – this year once again we currently have very little secured budget to spend on this event, so we are looking to partner with as many of you in our great network as possible.

Previously we have seen films, fun runs, workshops and puppetry all in the name of sustainable energy for life – what will you make happen this year?!

Please let us know how you could be involved in this form by FRIDAY 29th June 2018.

If you have an idea, but you’re not sure if you have the resources – come to our funding workshop with Herefordshire Community Trust on 2nd July. We’ll have a bid written in a morning – promise! 🙂



h.Energy! its happening…?

Well.. only if you guys make it so …

That said we have had a great response to our Crowdfunder. Especial thanks to Southfield Consulting and to SolarKinetics – and indeed to all of you who have contributed – we are incredibly grateful for your generosity.

If you would like to join our growing list of local sponsors, please click here for our Crowdfunder page. 

And thanks also to all of you who have already signed up your h.Energy events! Early signs are that we could have an excellent h.Energy on our hands…

If you have an idea for an event you would like to host during h.Energy 2018 please sign it up now! Our sign-up closes on the 30th June… so you really don’t have long.

Click here for the all-important sign up form

Thank you!

Film showing – TAWAI

Hunter-gatherers stalk their prey in a rainforest, acutely attuned to their surroundings, perceiving every sight, every sound. The film TAWAI contrasts the intense interconnectedness of tribal cultures with our own experience of living in urban environments. Here our sensory input is on overload, and we are forced to limit the amount we take in, habitually deadening ourselves to what is happening around us.

The question of interconnectedness is at the heart of this stunningly beautiful documentary from well-known BBC TV presenter and explorer Bruce Parry, who revisits tribes in Borneo and the Amazon to describe the changing lives of the people there.

After the film join Herefordshire Green Network for a discussion. Cecibel Egan of the Pachamama project joins us along with other expert voices from rural Herefordshire. Listening to ‘the voices from the forest’ we will be considering our own quests for reconnection in the context of such a rapidly changing world.


Film showing at Monday 9thJuly, 8pm at The Courtyard, Hereford. Followed by a discussion in the bar.

Hereford’s Street Wisdom..

RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) aims to enrich society through ideas and action. They believe that all human beings have creative capacities that, when understood and supported, can be mobilised to deliver a 21st century enlightenment.

Join RSA for a Street Wisdom event in Hereford this July.

Following the success of RSA’s pilot Street Wisdom event as part of the World Wide Wander last year, RSA Hereford will be running a Saturday Street Wisdom walk in the town in July.

Click here for more details.

This and other local events are all on our HGN events calendar. Check in on whats coming up, or send along your own events to add to the list.

h.Energy 2018 – making it happen!

Many of you out there have been involved with h.Energy over the past 8 years since it started in 2010. This countywide festival of sustainability couldn’t have happened without you. You have opened your homes & farms, put on community events, offered us ideas, creativity, expertise, time, music and flapjacks …

This year for the first time ever we are asking you for money.

We aim to fund h.Energy 2018 properly, and take it back out to the whole community of Herefordshire. And we need your help with this.

We already have some funding to support the event, but we are currently urgently seeking local sponsors & supporters. Your support may feel like small change to you but it will be enormously helpful to us…

Here is the link to our Crowdfunder site: ‘h.Energy 2018 – help make it happen’. 

Any level of funding is welcome. If everyone gave a very small amount we would raise a very large amount of money.

If you happen to be in a position to mention this opportunity to friends who might be local sponsors that would also make us very happy! Please ask them to contact for further details.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

& heres that all important link again



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