“An Inconvenient Truth”

Come and see Al Gore’s much acclaimed film about Global Warming at De Koffie Pot on Wednesday 8th November.

‘Described as ‘Powerful, intelligent and surprisingly entertaining’ the film showing will be followed by open discussion – watch then join in with your own views or just relax and listen to others.

Al Gore was US Vice President, Clinton Administration 1993-2001. Following his defeat in the 2001 presidential elections he devoted his time to researching Global Warming producing this film in 2006. His 2017 sequel will be shown early next year…. 

Upstairs in DKP 7.30 – 9.30 p.m. and discussions may continue, DKP closes at 11 pm!

Come early – drinks and food are available at the bar downstairs.

This is one of the Discussion Evenings on the themes of Politics, Ethics, Environment held every Wednesday at DKP.

Positive News

Thank to Liz Hughes for this link to a blog from Chris Goodall: some interesting and thought provoking stuff here: www.carboncommentary.com.

And of course another good read comes from Richard Priestley’s blog: Global Problems, Global Solutions. A number of you will have heard Richard speak during h.Energy – or know his work already. Today there is a new post from Richard about China’s work to tackle local pollution.



Because the next 2 weeks really are all about h.Energy, here is the listing for De Koffie Pot again – so you can make your plans…

h.Energy @ De Koffie Pot: Stalls, talks, films, music, craft & fun for all the family 


In the DKP Courtyard: The h.Energy Market. Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm

including ….

The KLEEN Energy Bikes – come and feel what its like to generate your own electricity, light up bulbs of different types, pump water, and try to fry and egg!

Marches Energy Agency – providing info to help reduce your homes energy costs

Super Nourished – delicious handmade raw chocolate

Growing Local – sales of gorgeous local veg grown by children at the Tillington educational garden

The Woodee –  handcrafted fire pits and artisan tools

Size of Herefordshire – come & join Herefordshire’s battle to save the rainforests

The Nappy Service – information and advice about reusable nappies, continence and menstrual wear.

New Leaf Design – beautiful handmade herbal bodycare.

Electric Cars …? – come and have a look for yourself…

Browse the stalls or join a Foraging Walk led by Tim Kaye (Clan CIC) along the river banks. Setting off from DKP at 12:45pm (on Saturday only).

Also in the Courtyard, New Leaf presents Treasure Trees, a Heritage Lottery Funded interactive touch screen dark tent on the Women’s Land Army.


In Gwynn House: Make Do & Mend. Saturday & Sunday, 11am – 4pm

Join local creative artists, repairers and craft makers just off the DKP Courtyard.

With felting from FfolkyFfelt, textile upcycling & fun with GinnsCreative, “Nozbug” scrap metal workshops with Tinkan Designs, and more to be confirmed soon.


Upstairs at DKP:

h.Energy talks, shows & craftivism


Puppet show: “The Selfish Giant” Saturday only, 10.30am & 7pm

An eerie & beautiful retelling of Oscar Wilde’s tale from the brilliant Sealegs Puppet Theatre. Suitable for ages 4 and upwards.


Craftivism in the Gallery. Saturday & Sunday, 11am onwards

Come and join in with some craftivism creation in the DKP Gallery. Curated by New Leaf & Salt Road. Suitable for all ages.


Upstairs at DKP: The h.Energy Talks, 12 noon – 5pm

Saturday Talks Timetable

The theme for the first part of today is creating a more comfortable home that has impact on the environment

12 noon – Um – but where do I begin? So you want to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. But how to get started? Jackie Jones

12.15pm – A pioneering passive solar house. Local energy consultant David Olivier introduces his own home

12.45pm – What works? – your chance to quiz a panel of people who have upgraded their own homes about what’s worked for them

1.15pm – B-R-E-A-K

2.15pm – Struggling with a cold house? How to get some help. Sometimes a cold house is not just uncomfortable, but has a huge impact on finances and health. Davina Allen of Marches Energy Agency/Keep Herefordshire Warm is here to help

3pm – Why home solar makes real sense Solar PV feed-in tariffs are not what they were – but nor are costs. Gordon Yole of local installer Solar Kinetics will be answering questions on the pros and cons of solar PV right now. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Renewables and the bigger picture…

3.45pm – Herefordshire’s clean energy strategy Our county is making truly impressive progress on producing clean energy and dramatically cutting use and expenditure. Ben Boswell (Herefordshire Council Energy and Active Travel Manager) explains

4.15pm – How about community energy? How it works, how to get involved  Local community energy groups

4.30pm – We need to talk about K… limate  Enough of Kevin for now, There’s another big subject we need to discuss. Gordon Coppock brings us up to date on climate science, and how effectively we are reducing carbon emissions


Upstairs After Dark at DKP: Wierdshire Earth Lore, Saturday 7pm onwards 

Stories, folklore & film exploring our connections to the land. With music, performance and puppetry from local artists and folklorists.

Opening the evening at 7pm today’s second performance of The Selfish Giant from Sealegs Puppet Theatre.

Followed by music and folk tale with Sproatly Smith, Bill Laws, Libertine Spragg & Mark Stevenson.

And from 10:15pm Mash Cinema and Salt road present Treeline a range of audio visual works including New Leaf commissioned artists from the Art Council. With music from Jus Jay DJ.


The h.Energy Talks, Sunday, 12 noon – 4.30pm

Sunday Talks Timetable             

We need our trains and buses and bikes – but let’s take a look at where we are going with CARS

12 noon – River Simple hydrogen car Hugo Spowers of River Simple explains his thinking on fuelling vehicles with hydrogen – and introduces his revolutionary vehicle. Is it time for us to H2Go?

12.45pm – Confessions of a former petrol head – why electric cars make sense right now  Gordon Coppock

1.15pm – What works? Your chance to quiz a panel of people who drive electric cars or vans locally about how it works for them


Personal, local and global …

2.30pm – Creating a sustainable livelihood and career Dave Prescott explores opportunities to make your passion into your work, and explains his own professional path

3.15pm – How about community energy? How it works, how to get involved  Local community energy groups

3.30pm – The Solar Age: Global Energy Futures Local energy expert Richard Priestley explains the massive global uptake of clean, renewable energy and looks at where we are going next….



Check the other blog posts below to see whats happening at Queenswood & around the county…

Garway Community Centre Appeal

Garway Community Centre has been shortlisted for the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund! The groundbreaking new Community Centre is in the running to receive a £12,500 grant from the nationally recognised M&S Energy Community Energy Fund. Having made it this far – Garway community now need your help to get the campaign over the finish line.


What makes the Garway Community Centre special?

The Garway Community Centre is a unique eco build, and the first of its kind in the UK. It’s a cutting-edge ‘Passivhaus’ design that’s clean and very cheap to run due to its highly energy efficient mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR) which helps to dramatically reduce energy use compared to a traditional build. It really is something special – you can read more about the technology on the Garway campaign page.


How can you help?

  • Cast your vote – voting is open! And they we need as many votes as possible to be awarded the grant. Here’s the link to the the campaign and voting page – https://www.mandsenergyfund.com/projects/garway-new-community-centre-2 You’ll find lots more information about the MVHR system and the project itself on there.
  • Spread the word! and tell as many people as possible about this important local project. It’s the first of its kind in the UK and we want the whole country to know about it – it’s a game changer. Please share this with your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Make a donation – as well as the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund grant, there’s a crowdfunded campaign to help raise even more money to really get the Community Centre off to a flying start in December. Any and all donations are very welcome – plus, there will be some tasty rewards for early backers!


What is the money going towards?

The M&S Energy Community Energy Fund grant will be put towards funding the MVHR system.

Any additional money raised through the crowdfunding will also go towards essential equipment for the Centre, and the large range of facilities and activities it will offer. Discover the many ways the Centre will be used by watching the latest video: https://youtu.be/aGdCeFjI30k


Thank you for your help and support – let’s win this together.


Visit the campaign page to vote: https://www.mandsenergyfund.com/projects/garway-new-community-centre-2


Calling Transition Leominster!

Exciting news! There is to be a short AGM on Friday 22nd September, 7pm at Leominster Community Centre.

It has been a few years since an AGM was held so come and share ideas, hear about what  has been happening  and about things that are planned.

After the AGM, Richard Priestley, environmentalist, blogger and inspirational speaker will give a talk entitled Can We Feed 9 Billion People Sustainably?

We hope to see you there!

from Transition Leominster Core Group 

TV Repairs…

BBC2’s The Repair Shop are seeking damaged family & community heirlooms for a second series & objects of special significance at Christmas time for their Christmas special. The series follows a team of passionate and skilled crafts people who fix, repair and breathe new life into objects brought in by members of the public.

A ragged teddy bear given to a grandparent decades ago, a damaged sleigh that once decorated the town square, a favourite train set a parent would like to pass on to their child Christmas morning, anything of personal sentimental value or importance to a community can be repaired and preserved for generations to come.

The team is especially eager to restore a sleigh that could decorate a town at Christmas time and to repair damaged items for the second series.

Is there anyone out there in rural Herefordshire with an idea to add to this…?


If you have something to offer please email repair@ricochet.co.uk or call 01273 224829


Cost effective Wind

An encouraging link sent over by Gareth Williams from Caplor Energy… Perhaps change might appear over the horizon of the Conservative Government’s ban of on-shore wind.

Follow the link here for more details:

Drop in wind energy costs add pressure for government rethink

Gandalf goes to Preston New Road

Last Thursday, three Herefordians travelled up to the ”desolate north” and put themselves, along with 200 others from all over the country, on the front of the fracking line at Preston New Road in Lancashire. This is where energy company Cuadrilla are trying to erect the first drill to frack for unconventional gas and oil in the U.K. for 7 years.

The last attempt, 1.5 miles down the road towards Blackpool, ended in failure when it produced an earthquake. David Straker, John Perkins and Rick Guest spent the night at neighbouring Maple Farm, before showing early morning solidarity at the fracking site with local people including councillors, grandparents, shopkeepers and farmers.

In 2016, Lancashire county council’s decision not to allow Cuadrilla to frack was overturned by the communities minister, Sajid Javid. Rick Guest (aka Gandalf), who walked from Hereford to London last year in protest at the government’s decision to allow fracking in the Wye Valley AONB at Symonds Yat said, “We were there because fracking is a national issue affecting us all. It is totally unnecessary, risks damaging precious water supplies and devastating the local environment. It also produces a fossil fuel which we all know will contribute to the runaway climate change we are experiencing. As for drilling so close to a known earthquake zone, it’s unbelievable. No wonder the locals are up in arms. I wonder if Jesse Norman or Bill Wiggin would welcome a fracking rig next door to them! What happens here is vitally important to the future of fracking in the UK. All eyes are on Preston Road. We will be back!”

The photo is with William Hawk, a member of the Lakota tribe who protested at Standing Rock in the Dakota heartland over the oil pipeline.

Water quality in Herefordshire 

… is an increasing concern for many. The EA has a useful mapping based water quality data resource. From this link http://environment.data.gov.uk/catchment-planning/RiverBasinDistrict/9

You can zoom in to particular sections of river/stream and get the latest EA detail on pollution and other factors – when fully drilled down it is very detailed.

Thanks to Herefordshire Tree Forum for this link. To read to H.Tree Forum’s own newsletter, click here. 

PlantWild business for sale

PlantWild wildflower nursery is a small but established wildflower and meadow creation business

Ideal for farm diversification or career change.

No premises included, relocatable, mainly website generated sales, loyal customer base

For more details contact Keith or Suzanne


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