Can we feed 9 billion people sustainably?

Join Richard Priestley for an inspiring evening of talks, slides and discussions as we chew over questions like ‘Why do some people go hungry?’ ‘What are the environmental impacts of different farming systems?’ ‘Would it help if we all went vegetarian or vegan?’ ‘Is permaculture the answer?’

With Food & Farming as the focus, this session with cover farming approaches from permaculture to hydroponics, and pasture fed to vegan farming systems. Richard will demonstrate a number of very different approaches to farming that are nevertheless exemplars of great but diverse ways to feed humanity.

Wednesday 12th July, 7.30pm, De Koffie Pot, Left Bank, Hereford, HR4 9DG.

This is part of the Politics, Environment & Ethics series on Wednesday evenings at De Koffie Pot. All events are free and open to everyone.

More details from Richard’s website here.

And more details on all of our events can be found on the HGN Calendar, here.

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