Campaigning for a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists over the River Lugg

Message from Bartestree with Lugwardine Parish Council

Hello Herefordshire!

We’re a group of local people coming together as ‘Like, Lugg, Link’, and we need your help campaigning for a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists over the River Lugg on the A438 at Lugwardine.

We think now is the time for change. With your help we could make this happen.

So, how can you help?

All you need to do is send an email to our campaign email address:  addressed to both Bill Wiggins (Local MP) and John Harrington (Cabinet Member – Infrastructure and Transport) in support of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge saying why you think it’s needed.

You might like to mention that a new pedestrian and cycle footbridge would be:-

  • Safer – The current bridge is narrow and doesn’t have a pavement: large lorries, buses and tractors cross while pedestrians are on the bridge;
  • Greener – A new bridge would provide a safe alternative to driving, and encourage greener ways to get around;
  • Healthier – A new bridge would enable walking and cycling from outlying villages to and from Hereford.

Want more information? If you would like any further information, or assistance or if you’d like to join the working party then contact us by email at: You can also follow us on our Facebook page ‘Like Lugg Link’

We’re looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Best wishes, Like,Lugg,Link

Please be assured that your details will only be used in support of this campaign and never shared with any other party.

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  • It’s a noble cause, but tbh there are so many places in Herefordshire that are dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

    I live outside Clehonger. During Covid lockdown, I started cycling again, because the roads had far less traffic. I have stopped cycling again, now, because four or five times a week I would count myself lucky to be alive. Walking, in the past two years, I have been clipped twice by door mirrors and once, near Symonds Yat, I really thought I was going to die. The driver stopped with inches to spare and then berated me for being on the road which “is not for pedestrians”. Apart from stupidity of the claim, I was also on a road section of the well signed Wye Valley Walk.

    The real problem is other road users not respecting walkers and cyclists as legitimate road users, treating us instead as road furniture.

    A new bridge for you would be nice, but it isn’t the real problem.

    Would you consider adding your weight to this campaign, please?

    Polly Conroy October 19, 2020

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