Building a greener generation

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust has long been at the forefront of outdoor play with our long-running WildPlay programme bringing pond dipping, mud kitchens and camp fires to generations of children in communities across Herefordshire. 

However, in the last four generations, children have become increasingly, arguably dangerously, disconnected from nature. Recent national studies found that the average child spends just four hours a week outdoors – and this is not even in wild spaces. 

We have launched the Greener Generation appeal to raise £5,000 to deliver a new programme of environmental educational activities across the county. 

With the money we raise from this appeal we will run ten, full day activity sessions, open to children aged between five and eleven years on our Nature Reserves. An additional six sessions will be at festivals, county shows and large community events across the county.  The £5,000 we hope to raise will cover employing trained, professional staff to run the sessions and all the equipment the activities call for such as pond dipping nets, magnifying glasses and educational resources.

How you can help

Anything you can give towards this appeal would be very gratefully received, but, as a suggestion:

  • £17 could buy a pond dipping net to introduce children to the wonders of pond life!
  • £60 could buy a pair of junior binoculars which might just give a child the birding bug for life.
  • £300 could fund staff and volunteers to deliver a session at one of our nature reserves.

We have so far raised £2,320.46 of our £5,000 target – please help us to hit it so we can plan these sessions for Spring 2020!

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