Build a wind turbine in one day! Get hands-on with a unique wind turbine making experience …. are looking for people who would be interested to join them for a workshop one Saturday in November or early December. The workshop will take place in Worcestershire, and there are just 2 places still available.

V3Power will bring all the tools, materials and expertise. You will leave with practical skills, an understanding of how and why wind turbines work, and a huge sense of achievement. The practical tasks are achievable regardless of skill and experience. The number and range of tasks means everyone stays interested and engaged throughout the day. have spent a decade teaching people how to build their own wind turbine using the reliable Hugh Pigott design and common workshop tools. The Hugh Pigott turbine has been built to power homes worldwide including: India, South America and Scotland. V3Power have developed a new low cost wind turbine to teach the science and engineering behind wind turbines.

This turbine can be built in one day by just ten people for just £70 per person tuition.


What Happens?
Together, your group and the instructor will build a wind turbine to generate electricity using simple materials and a range of hand tools.

All participants carve a wooden turbine blade, wind a copper coil, and
manipulate powerful magnets:

  • Blades; each person hand carves a wooden wind turbine blade with an
    aerofoil shape based on an introduction to fluid dynamics and blade
  • Mounting; each person cuts, shapes & drills a piece of metal to
    assemble as a complete mounting, and the group assembles roller taper
  • Electrical generator; after an introduction to electromagnetism each
    person winds a copper coil, prepares its output wires with solder and
    the group works together to connect them all up into a three-phase
    stator. Each person secures powerful magnets into a rotor to make up
    the other part of the generator.
  • Electrical system; the group learns about the different components
    that make up a safe wind turbine electrical system while wiring them
    all together to make a battery charging circuit.
  • Assembly; the group bolt together all the component parts to complete
    the turbine and learns about the importance of mechanical overspeed
    protection, blade balancing & maintenance.
  • Testing; the group connects the turbine to their electrical system,
    watch it spin and charge some devices!

Please note: although you are welcome to keep and reuse the blades that you make on the day, due to the cost of the other provided components the instructor needs to reclaim the rest of the turbine at the end of the day.

However, during the day you will learn about building and erecting wind turbines, so you will be left with a set of working turbine blades, and all the theory to get you kick started on making your own wind turbine.

For more information or to book a place contact Duncan Bell with an expression of interest: