Beautiful Poem by Martin Driscoll


Martin Driscoll, who ran our Members’ Workshop this week, has written a beautiful poem which he has given us permission to share.

Thank you Martin!


This Plastic Isle

So as we proudly plant our plastic flag

on its plastic pole deep into our newfound island

of floating crap, a micro outcrop of timeless detritus,

never to break down, or worse, to break down into a million

tiny pieces, to be swallowed down by krill,

by plankton, by cod, by eel, by porpoise, by dolphin, by tuna,

by salmon, by shark and by whale… overseen by a flotilla of plastic ducks

exiled losers from a home counties charity duck race.

Once upon a time you took a fish home in a plastic bag,

now you take home a plastic bag in a fish…

A softly deflating party balloon bobs on the ocean, its fading gold sparkled letters spell out:

“Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe”

the balloon will outlive the child by more than 200 years, its descendants living on in the bellies of our ocean’s dwellers,


Martin Driscoll

Written to celebrate Earth Hour 30th March 2019

Published in Global Warning

An anthology from the Staffordshire No Planet B Green Arts Festival organization 2019

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