An Introduction to Forest Gardening POSTPONED UNTIL 22ND JUNE

Monday, 22/6/2020 – 10:00am – 3:00pm Queenswood Country Park, HR6 0PY

What is Forest Gardening? Come along and find out with renowned permaculturalist Tomas Remiarz. We will use the early stages of Queenswood’s Forest Garden as an example of how to put this technique into practice.

Forest gardens mimic nature in order to grow food sustainably and stay in tune with wildlife. Find out how this works in practice with permaculture renowned Tomas Remiarz.

The day will cover:

  • What is a Forest Garden – brief introduction
  • Working like nature – observation exercises
  • Examples of existing forest gardens
  • A look at the Queenswood’s recently begun Forest Garden, along with some practical work if appropriate/possible.

Cost £20. For more details and booking:

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