Advice on protecting our rivers from Environment Agency and Wye and Usk Foundation

Protecting our rivers – information for landowners

The Environment Agency has released a leaflet to help landowners whose land borders watercourses. It contains information to help them to carry out their responsibilities in line with environmental law that protects watercourse habitat and aquatic species. It contains headline details of sustainable watercourse management, causes of harm to rivers, work that needs EA permission and consequences of mismanagement.

Click here for a copy of the leaflet

From the The Wye and Usk Foundation:

The levels of phosphate in the rivers and streams is still higher than it should be and we are working hard to support local farmers to reduce  losses from agriculture – which is now identified as the sector having the greatest levels of phosphate impacting on our rivers. We are able to provide free confidential farm advice for any yard or land management challenges you may be facing.

We can provide soil structure assessments, OM testing, yard advice, stewardship advice… the list goes on!

 For more information or to request a visit please contact one of the WUF advisers: Lucinda Lewis (07824 904 877); Mike Williams (07920 441 215); Tom Jolley (07545 253 155); Jonny Pugh (07825 743 447) Abi Croshaw (07990 068 941); Claire Spicer (07741 856 770); Ben Nott (07539 902 680)


(Thanks to Herefordshire Rural Hub for sharing this information and lots more in their June 2021 newsletter)



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