What is the Herefordshire Green Network?

Formerly the Herefordshire in Transition Alliance, Herefordshire Green Network is made up of local environmental groups, Transition Town groups, activists, environmental organisations & businesses, and local community groups.

Herefordshire Green Network has grown out of grass-roots action, and its local significance is due to the on going respected grass-roots activity of its Members. The core function of HGN is supporting our Membership via the provision of a lively, resilient, credible Network. This Network is maintained by paid coordinators / administrators, with support from a volunteer Steering Group. HGN staff and Steering Group operate according to the aims and objectives of HGN, in support of HGN Members.


A resilient low carbon future in Herefordshire


Encouraging environmental sustainability through collaboration, inspiration and activity.

What do we want to achieve?

The purpose of the Herefordshire Green Network is to develop partnerships and joint efforts which strengthen the sustainability of all of our communities. We aim to work in a way that is mutually supportive and inspirational, sharing resources, project ideas and opportunities, and developing local initiatives.

We are a lightly constituted, not-for-profit organisation and our aims are:

  •  To encourage creative responses to the challenges of climate change and resource depletion, in a way that will provide opportunities for making better ways of life, locally and globally.
  • To identify and share information about issues arising which provide us with opportunities for positive ways to affect change.
  • To provide educational and other resources that will inform and encourage individuals and organisations to improve their resilience to the effects of these issues.
  • To promote, encourage and support individuals and organisations undertaking activities that help the local community to progress towards a more sustainable way of life.
  • To identify and support individuals and organisations within the local area who will be especially vulnerable to the effects of these issues.
  • To work with the Transition Town Network and other organisations to research and develop alternative solutions to mitigate the effects of these issues.

The full HGN Constitution can be read here.

We recognise that people coming together – to share their concerns, ideas and efforts – is a positive way to affect change.

Together we…

  • Collaborate at a grassroots and strategic levels with a view to furthering our common purpose.
  • Share information and provide meeting spaces in support of the activities of member groups acting as a hub for resource sharing.
  • Create opportunities for grant making, public presentations and combined events, technical information sharing etc.
  • Create a stronger voice by speaking on areas of common interest and concern of member groups.

Over a period of 18 months between Spring 2016 – Autumn 2017 when we surveyed our membership, it was agreed that the core functions of HGN are:

  1. Networking
  2. Supporting capacity of HGN membership groups & organisations
  3. Raising awareness of issues



For 2018 we are working on 3 main themes across our activities as a network:

1. Low Carbon

This is the core of all our work in Herefordshire: reducing our personal use, abuse and the county’s emissions of carbon – in order to support in whatever way we can the global decrease of carbon in our atmosphere. Low Carbon themes at our Gatherings over the next year will include a look at ecological foot-printing, low emission transport and low impact dwellings.

We are supporting global efforts to REDUCE single use PLASTICS…  Click here for our #PlasticActionHere list of inspirational ideas & actions that you might want to make in your personal life to reduce unnecessary plastics.

Plastic pollution is a side effect of the fossil fuel industry and therefore fits with our Low Carbon theme for 2018

2. Food Security

The first HGN Gathering of 2018 focused on issues of food security and food poverty, click here for the full write up of that event, which included a visit from our colleagues at Transition Worcester with their successful Food Rescue project, alongside input our own Peter Norton (Brightspace Foundation) who is currently initiating a Food Poverty Alliance for Herefordshire, and Jacquie Allsop of the Hereford Food Bank.

This event will be followed up by other events over the course of the year exploring issues of food production and food security more generally. We also hope to also see active campaigns developing…. watch this space.

3. Get Active

The Awards for All funded ‘Get Active’ Project provides a package of support for the work of our membership in towns and villages around Herefordshire. This will include the provision of workshops and website resources alongside the development of materials to ensure the replicability of the inspirational local projects. More to follow soon.


We are very grateful for our current funding from Awards for All (the HGN ‘Get Active’ project) and for local sponsorship from Wye Valley Brewery. This HGN website was originally  paid for via sponsorship from Herefordshire Friends of the Earth. Thank you all 🙂

… and if your local business would be interested in sponsoring us, please do get in touch!


In 2017 our themes included Water. Click here for the lovely ‘River Stories’ outcome of our arts collaboration on water during 2017’s Hereford River Carnival.