What is the Herefordshire Green Network?

Formerly the Herefordshire in Transition Alliance, Herefordshire Green Network is made up of local environmental groups, Transition Town groups, activists,  environmental organisations & businesses,  and local community groups.

Herefordshire Green Network has grown out of grass-roots action, and its local significance is due to the respected grass-roots activity of its Members.

The core function of HGN is supporting our Membership via the provision of a lively, resilient, credible Network. This Network is maintained by a part time paid administrator and a volunteer Steering Group. HGN staff and Steering Group operate according to the aims and objectives of HGN, in support of HGN Members.

HGN is a lightly constituted, not-for-profit organisation.

Our Vision: A resilient low carbon future in Herefordshire.

Our Mission: Encouraging environmental sustainability through collaboration, inspiration and activity.

The full HGN Constitution can be read here.


Together HGN collaborate at grassroots and strategic levels with a view to furthering our Vision & Mission; share information & provide meeting spaces in support of the activities of member groups, acting as a hub for resource & sharing; create opportunities for grant making, public presentations and combined events, technical information sharing, etc; and create a stronger voice by speaking together on areas of common interest and concern of member groups…

Anyone in Herefordshire who has a commitment to encouraging environmental sustainability and future resilience, including individuals, groups, organisations, parish/town councils and businesses (both ‘for’ and ‘not for’ profit) can join.

Details about:

  • What HGN can offer its Members
  • What HGN expects from its Members
  • The organisations and groups in in our Network
  • How to join

Can be found on Join Our Network page


We are working on 2 main themes across our activities as a network:

1. Low Carbon

This is the core of all our work in Herefordshire: reducing our personal use, abuse and the county’s emissions of carbon – in order to support in whatever way we can the global decrease of carbon in our atmosphere.

Under our Low Carbon theme for 2018 we are supporting global efforts to reduce single use plastics…  Click here for our #PlasticActionHere list of inspirational ideas & actions that you might want to make in your personal life to reduce unnecessary plastics.

2. Get Active

Our Awards for All funded ‘Active in Community’ Project provides a package of support for the work of our membership in towns and villages around Herefordshire. This includes the provision of workshops and website resources alongside the development of materials to ensure the replicability of the inspirational local projects.

We are very grateful for our current funding from Awards for All (the HGN ‘Get Active’ project) and for local sponsorship from Wye Valley Brewery. Herefordshire Community Foundation (Glencora) have been a vital source of support for our work over the past year, and this HGN website was originally  paid for via sponsorship from Herefordshire Friends of the Earth.

Thank you all 🙂

… and if your local business would be interested in sponsoring us, please do get in touch!

Back in 2017 our themes included Water. Click here for the lovely ‘River Stories’ outcome of our arts collaboration on water during 2017’s Hereford River Carnival