A Singing Protest…..

Cathy Monkley has asked us to circulate her following message, in case anyone would like to join her this Saturday in a trip to Preston:

“Many of you will be aware that 3 people are now in prison for peacefully protesting against fracking at Preston New Road.  While no-one would suggest that disruption to the traffic did not occur, as the main road was presumably closed for a few days due to their action, many people feel that this was insignificant in relation to the damage that new fossil fuel infrastructure does to our ability to combat climate change.

This Saturday people are gathering at Preston rail station at 12.30 to walk to the prison in order to show support for these 3 people.  It seems that the intention is to sing outside so that they can hear the support they have.  I shall be going.

If anyone would like to join me I shall be on the train which leaves Hereford at 07:37 hrs although I shall get on at Ledbury.  I will catch the 15:17 train home which gets to Hereford at 19:16.”

Cathy Monkley

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