Dear Friend I am writing to you because during the long journey of the last few years you have expressed a preference for more sustainable transport measures to address transport issues in Hereford than the previous Council Conservative administration’s policy of building the Southern Link Rad and the Western Bypass. 

As you know the new administration of IOC , Independent and Green Councillors have put these plans on hold – a “Pause and Review ” to consider whether in the context of climate change more sustainable transport measures would be effective – and a better transport policy for Hereford could be the way forward .

The scope of the review has now been agreed, and we are entering a period of consultation and examination of alternatives

In case you have not spotted it, Herefordshire Council have published a new survey as part of the Transport Strategy  Review.  I have just completed mine and relatively it is a joy compared with previous consultations. 

It can be found here:

We are hoping that you will take the time to complete this survey and reply to Herefordshire Council.

There is a very vocal lobby for keeping the bypass plans, so it is important that those of us who do not see this as the way forward continue to express our views in a constructive manner 

Best wishes, Carole Protherough 
Chair Hereford Ttransport Alliance